Saturday, October 3, 2015

'Star Wars Rebels' Season Two Hints from Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg

By: Dominic Jones

Disney XD hosted a press conference yesterday in the LA area to preview the upcoming second season of Star Wars Rebels, which debuts on Wednesday October 14th at 9:30pm EST.  The show's executive producers also sat down with some of the outlets there to discuss what's in store for the crew of The Ghost this season.  First, Simon Kinberg discussed Kanan's relationship with Captain Rex and the other clone troopers that will showing up this season and what impact that has on Ezra.  Kinberg told Nerdist,

"Ezra doesn’t have the same predisposition exactly that Kanan has. He didn’t live through it the same way. So, Ezra is a little bit more open to them. That creates some conflict between Ezra and Kanan. Ezra is just all about taking on the Empire by any means and will take pretty much whatever help they can get, but Kanan is more distrustful. Ezra also struggles more with the idea of being a Jedi, and what it means, and what the most effective way to battle the Empire is. Ezra is more open, Kanan is more closed. That disagreement creates a lot of fodder for the season. It’s an interesting thing to invert the dynamic so Ezra is the one who’s a little more open and trusting, and Kanan is the one who’s shutting down a little bit."

He also discussed the potential for cross over between the films and the series, telling Nerdist

There’s certainly potential for it. And as a fan of everything that Lucasfilm’s doing, it’d be fun to see different characters pop up across different stories. But the thing we’re really focused on is just making sure there is real continuity, that it is a unified universe from a story perspective, where anything that happens in Rebels is canon, in the same way as the original movies or prequels, the Clone Wars, and the movies going forward. There’s just a lot of care that’s taken to make sure that whatever happens in whatever different story right now is acknowledged, and that it actually feels like a coherent world or galaxy.
The idea of characters actually popping up or transferring from animation to live-action and live-action to animation, we’re obviously open to because we have a lot of characters from the original movie and actually prequels who pop up in Rebels as substantial characters. That was true in the first season and will continue to be true in the second season, I’d say. Our second season is more Clone Wars, but there are lots of characters from the original movies too, like Vader, who will be a big part of the show now. So we’ve talked about it, and the Lucasfilm folks are–I’ve never seen anything like it, where they’re so good at telling story over not just different media, but completely different worlds. It’s not just TV and animation and live-action and features, but it’s theme park attractions and comic books and novels and games and merchandise. All of it is incredibly well unified and planned. I’m not a part of all of that. I’m a part of some of it, and it’s neat to watch them work.

Dave Filoni discussed Hondo Ohnaka's role this season, telling Movie Pilot,

Even Hondo ... has a purpose. It's not just that we all think he's fun, or that Jim Cummings is great. It's that Hondo -- this is a bit of a giveaway, but I'll give it to you -- Hondo in some ways can represent a future that was open to Ezra, had he not met Kanan. What was Ezra when we met him, if not a little scoundrel pirate sneaking around?

The inclusion of Hondo to me taps back into myself as a kids when I would read stories about kids that ran away with pirates. There's something very alluring about that fantasy, that magic. Look at 'Pirates of the Caribbean' when it came out, and how kids suddenly took up arms and said "oh, I want to be a pirate! It's great!"

You always want to leave those clouds to dream on with kids where they can say 'awh, I wish I could run away with a pirate', but we all know how those stories end. You know, and I think Hondo provided us a window for that type of story.

Sounds like Season Two will be a real treat for Star Wars fans.  The season kicks off on October 14th at 9:30pm on Disney XD.  The first two episodes of the season, however, will be screened in advance at New York Comic Con on Thursday October 8th at 5:30pm on the Empire Stage.  A preview panel about the series will take place earlier in the day at 1:30pm on the same stage, with executive producer Dave Filoni, along with stars Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano), Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger), and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Seventh Sister).

Sources: Nerdist, Movie Pilot
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