Friday, October 2, 2015

Rumor: 'Star Wars Rebels' Season Two Episode Names & Descriptions Revealed

By: Benjamin Hart

Anticipation is building quickly for the second season of Star Wars Rebels as we grow close to the premiere on October 14th! We have know for a while now that the first episode of this new season is titled "The Lost Commanders" and will deal with the Ghost crew seeking out and enlisting the help of Captain Rex and his fellow Clone Troopers. The following episodes have been more of a mystery, but some new information has surfaced that sheds light on them. The Disney XD TV listings were recently updated on Zap2It to include two upcoming episodes of Rebels, which show titles, air dates and short plot descriptions. They are:

Relics of the Old Republic - Airing October 21st
"Ezra and the crew begin to develop friendships with Captain Rex and his colleagues."

Always Two There Are - Airing October 28th
"Ezra, Sabine, Zeb and Chopper travel to an abandoned medical station."

Additionally, Jedi-Bibliothek appears to have gotten their hands on some extended plot synopses for both episodes. While they are a bit difficult to read due to being automatically translated from German to English, they still might give us a few more interesting story details. Potential SPOILERS may also be included:

Relics of the Old Republic
"While Ezra and slowly close the other friendship with the old clone troopers, Kanan may simply take no confidence. But when the Empire finds out that the clones with the rebels in cahoots, all must work together suddenly."

Always Two There Are
"Looking for inventories for the fleet dare Ezra, Sabine, Zeb and Chopper a mission to an abandoned Medi Station. But when two of Darth Vader sent inquisitors Sabine and Ezra put at risk, Zeb and Chopper have come up with something in order to save her friends."

Also thanks to Jedi-Bibliothek we have titles and descriptions for two more episodes, ones we presume will follow the aforementioned ones. Again, the translation is difficult to understand, and two tites are provided for each episode, so take this as you will:

The Brotherhood (Brothers of the Broken Horn)
"To escape the pressures of responsibility as a rebel and Jedi, Ezra makes on with Chopper to a rescue mission, after having received a distress signal. Surprised, he notes that the ship belongs in need Hondo Ohnaka. This suggests Ezra, to join him."

A Master of his Art (Wings of the Master)
"Since the rebels need a new ship to arrive at an Imperial blockade, Hera embarks on a dangerous mission to meet an eccentric marine engineer, and win its trust. But that will be enough to get him a ship?"

While these do appear to match what we've previously seen and heard, we can't be sure of their validity until they're officially confirmed by Lucasfilm or Disney. If they do turn out to be true, we certainly have an exciting season ahead of us!

Sources: Zap2it, Zap2itJedi-BibliothekJedi-Bibliothek

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