Monday, October 12, 2015

Report: Temuera Morrison Returns As Boba Fett In Star Wars Battlefront

By: Benjamin Hart

Star Wars Battlefront has been making waves recently with the release of it's Beta last week. While millions of fans have been excitedly jumping into the action and playing the game, a few have done some digging and uncovered some interesting details about the soon-to-be fully released game. Furious Fanboys and Boba Fett Fan Club are reporting that Boba Fett, who we've know for a while now will be a part of the game, will be voiced by none other Temuera Morrison. While Fett was not made playable in the beta, some players reportedly datamined the PC files and uncovered audio featuring lines of dialogue from Boba Fett, and it is unmistakably Morrison's voice. Boba Fett Fan Club put together a video with all of the lines which you can watch below:

You may also notice that there appears to be a line from Han Solo in there("Tell that to Jabba!") and a mention of Princess Leia("Princess Leia is nearby"). Neither character has been said to be appearing in Battlefront yet, so this just might be our confirmation of their involvement.

Temuera Morrison previously voiced Boba and Jango Fett in Star Wars Battlefront II, in addition to playing Jango in the flesh in Attack Of The Clones. It's awesome to know that EA and DICE have brought him back for this new game to add a bit more authenticity to Battlefront and better continuity with the films.

Star Wars Battlefront is slated for release on November 17th on PC, XBox and Playstation 4.

Source: Furious FanboysBoba Fett Fan Club

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