Saturday, October 17, 2015

Report: Fandango Confirms Star Wars Theatrical Movie Marathon

By: Benjamin Hart

It appears The Force Awakens won't be the Star Wars film in theaters this December. Earlier today it came to our attention that the popular movie ticket seller Fandango had updated their website and app with a listing for a "Star Wars Marathon", seemingly confirming an old rumor which stated that all seven films will be shown back to back at select theaters. That rumor specifically mentioned AMC Theaters, while the Fandango listing does not mention which theaters will feature the marathon. What is revealed is a poster for the event which confirms a launch date of December 17th, one day prior to the premiere of Episode VII. You can see the poster below, albeit in low quality:

The listing also teases "see it in digital 3D". While that line is most likely referring to The Force Awakens, which we know will be in 3D, it's also possible that The Phantom Menace and Attack Of The Clones, both of which were recently converted to 3D, may also be shown in 3D during the marathon. also adds that screening episodes I through VII, with adequate breaks in between, would take approximately 15 & a 1/2 hours, which would require the marathon to begin at 3am to match with the expected premiere time of 7pm for The Force Awakens. All of that is simply speculation at the moment.

This news follows rumors that a brand new trailer for The Force Awakens will debut on Monday on ESPN, and that tickets will also go on sale as well that day. An announcement for those events and the marathon are undoubtedly immanent.

Source: Fandango
Header photo by: Paul Shipper

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