Thursday, October 15, 2015

J.J. Abrams Talks Final Cut & Praises Disney's Collaboration On 'The Force Awakens'

By: Benjamin Hart

Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams just recently participated in a conversation hosted by Vanity Fair where he was joined on stage by Apple's chief design officer Jonathan Ive and award winning TV and film producer Brian Grazer who moderated the talk. The discussion covered a wide range of topics, one of which being Star Wars. Abrams talked about the creative process and his experiences behind the scenes.

When asked about having a final cut of the film, Abram said "Yeah, yeah", seemingly confirming that one exists already. He also had a lot of praise for Disney for their involvement, or lack thereof, in the The Force Awakens' production,

"They let us make the movie we wanted to make... I cannot say enough about how (Disney CEO)Bob Iger and (Walt Disney Studios Chairman)Alan Horn have understood this thing that is now part of the Disney company. And they're not trying to Disnify it, they're not doing anything other than - which I think is an incredibly smart thing - which is letting Kathleen Kennedy - who is a remarkable person and producer - run and lead Lucasfilm to a place it wants to go."

He also specifically complimented Iger, explaining that the Disney head has been helpful but non-intrusive on the production:

"He's been an incredible collaborator on it and has great ideas and mandates nothing."

You can watch the full, hour-long conversation below. It should be noted that parts of the video include NSFW language. The Star Wars talk begins at 34:35:

Source: Vanity Fair(YouTube)

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