Wednesday, October 21, 2015

EA Introduces New Heroes & A Villain For 'Star Wars Battlefront'

By: Benjamin Hart

With all the hype for The Force Awakens going around recently it's easy to forget the long anticipated arrival of Star Wars Battlefront is right around the corner! We're now less than a month away from the video game's launch and reveals from EA are beginning to become much more frequent. It's been know for some time that the ever popular heroes and villains aspect of Star Wars Battlefront II are being brought back for the new game, and EA initially revealed that Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Boba Fett will be playable in the game. More recently they have revealed two new heroes and a villain that will be part of the game; Han Solo, Princess Leia and Emperor Palpatine.

Solo, who sports his look from The Empire Strikes Back, is described as gunslinger and a loner, which matches his on-screen persona. He will be similar to a Rebel trooper with a much more impressive arsenal. While playing as Han you will have several special abilities, which include a Rapid Fire feature, which allows you to fire his DL-44 blaster quickly without it overheating for a few seconds, a Lucky Shot that allows to build up and release more powerful blasts, and also a Shoulder Charge mode which gives the character advanced speed to get in, or out of battles and meant to mimic Han's iconic charge at Stormtroopers onboard the Death Star in A New Hope.

Lead Hero Designer Jamie Keen had this to say about Han:

“It’s been incredibly fun to work on Han Solo for Star Wars Battlefront. He’s such a likeable character, and turning his unique persona into gameplay features is a thrill when you’re a Star Wars fan. We’ve also witnessed the love for this character in our playtests. Han’s sardonic lines and emotes seem to put a smile on everyone’s face."

And about Leia, Keen added:

“Leia is a character that succeeds through her fearless, strategic mind.  We can all remember moments when her quick-thinking blaster fire helped the Rebels out of trouble. Our goal for all the Hero characters has been to capture their essence and spirit from the original Star Wars™ film trilogy, and then convey that through gameplay. Doing that is more straightforward with characters wielding Lightsabers and Force abilities; it’s obvious how to build gameplay around those things. Leia was trickier in that regard since she doesn’t have a specific, favorite weapon, so we had to represent her in another way."

In gameplay Leia is described as a support player and leader. Players who spawn near her spawn as Alderaan Honor Gaurds, and the character herself will have several exclusive abilities. Trooper Bane will allow Leia enhanced, one-shot one-kill blaster bolts. Enhanced Squad Shield, as the title implies, gives Leia a more advanced, tougher shield that can withstand some Force abilities and can be shot through using Trooper Bane. Supply Drop allows Leia to place various power ups on the battlefield to assist other players.

The Emperor will, of course, be equipped with his iconic Force Lightning as his main weapon. Other special abilities include Force Dash which allows for quicker travel across the map, and Imperial Resources which allows for powerup distribution to soldiers and other villains.

Jamie Keen also spoke about Palpatine, saying:

“Based on how he’s been characterized and how he plays, Emperor Palpatine might be my personal favorite character in Star Wars Battlefront. But getting to that point has been a challenge. We wanted many different things with the Emperor. We wanted him to be very mobile, but also about deception and fooling people that he’s fragile and weak. As you've seen in the original Star Wars™ trilogy, Palpatine pretends to be a weak old man, when he in fact is extremely powerful. That two-faced side was something we wanted to convey in gameplay and the Emperor’s abilities."

Very exciting to see more iconic faces being added to the game, They seem to imply that multiple villains and/or heroes will be playable in the same battle. How awesome will it be for yourself and a friend to play side by side as Darth Vader and the Emperor in a single battle?

Star Wars Battlefront hits PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 17th!

Source: EA

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