Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Report: Leaked Action Figures Reveal New 'The Force Awakens' Characters

By: Benjamin Hart

Lots of new toys and merchandise from The Force Awakens has been leaking recently, and occasionally these leaks will reveal never before seen characters from the film. Today we have yet another leak courtesy of Jedi Temple Archives. One of their readers reports that they found a case of 3.75" action figures from wave 2 of The Force Awakens line in a Walmart. Several of them are of characters we've seen before, such as Stormtroopers and Snowtroopers, as well as an apparent repack of some Kanan and Ezra figures from Star Wars Rebels on Episode VII cards. But the most intriguing aspect of their find was two never before seen characters in plastic form; They provided photos of both figures, which you can see below. Of course, minor SPOILERS may be included. Read at your own risk:


The characters are Sarco Plank and X-Wing Pilot Asty:

It's very awesome to finally see some alien Starfighter pilots! This is actually not the first time we've seen X-Wing Pilot Asty. Last month a behind the scenes photo and some concept art of this character leaked out. The figure final puts a name to the character:

What's also interesting is that the yellow and black emblem on the left side of Atsy's helmet appears to be the same pattern seen on Biggs Darklighter's helmet in A New Hope:

We also saw Sarco Plank in the Vanity Fair photos that were released a few months ago:

Source: Jedi Temple Archives

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