Thursday, September 10, 2015

EA Reveals 'Drop Zone' Mode For Star Wars Battlefront

By: Benjamin Hart

As we move ever so closer to it's release date on November 17th, we are continuing to learn more about Star Wars Battlefront. EA has slowing been revealing different modes and elements from the game over the past few months. This week they unveiled a brand name game mode, titled "Drop Zone". They describe it as a a King of the hill-style "action-filled, tactical mode" that involves several drop pods falling on to the map. The match pits eight Imperial players against eight Rebel players who must fight for control of these pods. Players must locate and capture five of the pods, or a majority of them once the ten minute match ends. If one pod becomes highly contested, changing teams multiple times, another pod will be sent down, forcing each team to capture both pods, thus ending the stand off.

Once a pod is captured, it will provide power ups to players. Other tools will also be at your disposal, such turrets and Viper Droids(which point out the source of enemys), which can be dropped on the fly. Drop Zone will be available to play on planets such as Hoth, Sullust, Tatooine and Endor. Lead level designer Dennis Brännvall further describes a yet to be seen part of the Endor map that that can be played in Drop Zone:

“Playing Drop Zone on the Swamp Crash Site on Endor is a personal favorite. The map has a couple of nice choke points but is overall very free-flowing and hectic, as enemies can attack from anywhere on that level. The fight takes place around a crashed GR-75 transport ship with containers from the craft strewn across the landscape, and there’s one section with a waterfall overlooked by an Ewok village, where you have to jump down into the pool below in order to claim the pod, hoping no one’s hiding in the trees above waiting to pick you off.”

Source: EA

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