Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rumor: More 'Rogue One' Set Photos

By: Benjamin Hart

Back at Disney's D23 Expo the cast of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was officially revealed, and along with it, a confirmation that filming is in full swing. And just like with it's predecessor The Force Awakens, we're already being treated to some leaks from the set. Trevor Monk has shared some new photos of the Cardington Sheds in Bedfordshire, England where he believes filming for Rogue One is taking place. Monk has been keeping an eye on the Sheds for some time now, you may remember some photos he revealed last month from the same location. He has been documenting the activity at the Carrington sheds extensively on his Facebook and Twitter.

Of course, if you don't want to know anything about Rogue One, you may want to stop reading now. Some minor SPOILERS will follow.

In the first few photos(above and below) you can see a stone facade has been built on the front of one of the sheds, which looks similar to the stone structure that the cast of Rogue One appear to be inside in the official photo that was released. To the left of the stone work you will notice something covered in a tarp. If you look closely, that object appears to be the landing craft set that we saw in another batch of set photos that leaked.

Compare those to this:

Additionally, at some point a few other set pieces were spotted outside the sheds which were shaped like a classic Star Wars ship. This could be our confirmation(as if there was any doubt) that X-Wings will be making an appearance in Rogue One:

This appears to be a look at the opposite side of some flat, wooden cut outs of X-Wings rather than actual life sized ships. These could be used in the background of a shot to portray actual X-Wings. We saw similar techniques being used on the Greenham Commons set for The Force Awakens.

Putting all the pieces together, I think we're now safe to say that the Carington Sheds are a filming location for Rogue One. Still, we're filing this one as a "rumor" until we get an official reveal from Lucasfilm.

Source: Trevor Monk(Twitter)
Via: Making Star Wars

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