Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rumor: Familiar Bounty Hunters To Appear in 'Rogue One'

By: Benjamin Hart

Even though we're still extremely excited for The Force Awakens coming in a few months, all the latest news and rumors have been focused on Anthology films coming later. We now know that the second Anthology will tell Han Solo's origin story, and we've heard that the first Anthology, Rogue One, will feature Darth Vader himself in a smaller role. Another Rogue One rumor has surfaced from Bloody Disgusting. They have revealed, via sources, some interesting info about the villains of the film and some well know bounty hunters that they claim will be making an appearance. Here's what Bloody Disgusting's source had to say:

"Ben Mendelsohn’s new Moff character is indeed the big baddie of Rogue One. The other main villains of the piece are bounty hunters hired by the Moff to quietly retrieve the stolen Death Star plans at all costs. Vader factors in once he realizes that the plans have been stolen, so he joins the hunt in a supporting role and is none too pleased.

These bounty hunters include Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, Zuckuss & 4LOM, IG-88, and Cad Bane, who is from ‘Clone Wars’ and is making his live action debut.

There might some new ones as well, but that’s the core group. So Fett will absolutely appear on screen again in a semi-main role before his solo film."

They also add that a Wookiee bounty hunter could be added into the mix as well.

I have to say, reading this make me even more excited for Rogue One. Sure, a group of Rebel soldiers tasked with stealing the Death Star plans is interesting enough, but including bounty hunters adds another intriguing layer to this film. And obviously the stand out names on the list of hunters has to be Boba Fett and Cad Bane. We've heard plenty of rumors about Fett getting his own Anthology film, his appearance here could be linked to them, or it could very well be setting up future Anthology films. And I'm sure fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be ecstatic to see Cad Bane on the big screen.

Star Wars: Rogue One is directed by Gareth Edwards and the only confirmed cast member thus far is Felicity Jones. It hits theaters December 16th, 2016!

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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