Friday, July 31, 2015

Adam Driver Talks 'The Force Awakens' With Esquire

By: Benjamin Hart

One actor from The Force Awakens who has been surprisingly quiet about his role in the upcoming film is Adam Driver. We've learned little (officially) about his character Kylo Ren thus far. The latest issue of Esquire magazine features Driver on the cover along with an extensive interview with him where he discuses Star Wars briefly, as well as his other roles in the HBO series Girls, and many more. We plucked out the most interesting bits of Star Wars conversation from the interview, which you can read below. But be sure to head over to Esquire to read the full discussion!

He got the call from his agent on the set of Girls a couple of years ago – JJ Abrams would like to meet. So he flew to LA for a “get to know you” meeting, and that was it. Ever since, he has been flying back and forth from New York to Pinewood Studios, to knock around with Han Solo and the gang. “Everyone turns into four-year-olds around Chewie. They all want a hug,” he says. “It’s like, ‘We really got to work. Can someone pull our DP off Chewie?’”

He can’t say much about Star Wars. “If I tell you any of the story I’ll be shot,” he says. So instead, he offers clich├ęs, like, “Everyone on set is so good at their job,” and, “It was an organic process.” And he knows how corny it sounds. He apologises along the way. Here’s another: “You get these moments where you realise – wow, you’re part of Star Wars, you can’t f*** up!”

What he can reveal is the new Star Wars didn’t feel like a blockbuster as they were making it. The experience was not unlike an indie movie, just with bigger budgets. “With JJ, it’s all about character and story, not special effects,” he says. “And we still talk about character now. Whenever I’ve worked with great directors, it’s always that way. You’re constantly finding it. Things evolve and change even as you’re filming.”

Source: Esquire

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