Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Downed Star Destroyer In Battlefront Explained

By: Benjamin Hart

New gameplay footage from Star Wars Battlefront was revealed earlier this week at E3, blowing minds and getting us even more excited for the game. So far we have seen footage of  a"Walker Assault" on Hoth and a co-op mission on Tatooine. The Tatooine gameplay in particular raised some eyebrows due to the appearance of a Star Destroyer crashing in the background at the end of the match. IGN recently spoke with DICE general manager Patrick Bach who explains how you, as a player, actually have a hand in bringing the Destroyer down:

""We have a concept we call Battle Beyond," Bach told IGN, "The cool thing with this is it's actually part of the player feedback. So depending on which side is winning or losing, these events actually change."

The atmosphere around the battle reflects the success of those on the ground. When the Rebel Alliance is dominating on that particular Tatooine map, part of the visual representation of their success is a flaming Star Destroyer sinking into the surface of the planet. Each map will feature appropriate and different means of communicating the state of the battle for each side.

Bach explained, "It's what you usually do in a UI, you make it bluntly obvious. It's slowly hinting at who's winning, and I think it's a brilliant concept to give you the information and emotion you need to understand or change your plans.... You don't need a gauge blinking. It's part of the world.""

Early on many drew a connection from this imagery to one of the most breathtaking scenes from the second teaser trailer for Episode VII: The Force Awakens which shows a crashed Star Destroyer half buried in a desert landscape. That landscape was confirmed to be a new planet called Jakku at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. A Battle of Jakku DLC for Battlefront was also announced at the convention, which lead many fans to believe that the crashing Star Destroyer was actually on Jakku and the footage was from the DLC. Several sites(I won't name names) even claimed that because Boba Fett appeared in one of the shots, and the battle of Jakku happens approximately a year after Return Of The Jedi, that Battlefront inadvertently confirmed that Fett survived being eaten by the Sarlaac. This news can now put those rumors to rest. Hopefully we will see some actual gameplay from that DLC soon, which is slated to be available to current players December 8th, and even earlier for those who pre-order the game.

Nevertheless, it's awesome to know that DICE is coming up with creative ways to make the battles in the game that much more realistic. Star Wars Battlefront comes to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC November 17th!

Source: IGN

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