Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Report: No Death Stars In Star Wars Battlefront

By: Benjamin Hart

Star Wars Battlefront has been getting a lot of praise lately since the reveal of gameplay at E3 earlier this month. Unfortunately the game has also taken some heat as well for things that wil be bsent from the game, such as content from the Prequel Trilogy era and Space battles. A new report by VG247 has alerted us to another element that is not making it into the game. In a recent Reddit Q & A, EA team members confirmed that neither Death Star from the Original Trilogy will be featured in Star Wars Battlefront. A Reddit user asked a series of questions, one of which was "Will there be a map that takes place on the Deathstar?", to which EA responded:

"We do not offer maps in space or space battles."

And they later clarified:

"We will not offer a Death Star based map. But stay tune for details around the maps we will offer."

In the discussion they also confirmed that equipment such as Jet Packs will be unlockable for all players, space battles may appear in future Battlefront sequels, and when asked if players will be able get in and out of Starships, they answered, "You will be able to exit them... All vehicles are obtained via power-ups across the battlefront. If you choose to use that power-up you spawn into the battle inside that vehicle."

Personally, I'm not discouraged by this news. I believe that the upcoming release of the Battle Of Jakku DLC is a sign that more DLCs are in the works and we more than likely we will see the Death Stars, Space battles and even Prequel and Clone Wars content in future downloadable expansions.

Star Wars Battlefront hits Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC November 17th! The Battle Of Jakku DLC will be available for free to all players on December 8th, and pre-orderin Battlefront will get you the DLC a week early on December 1st.

Source: VG247
Via: Reddit

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