Friday, June 19, 2015

More 'The Force Awakens' Photos Leak, Domhnall Gleeson Character Revealed

By: Benjamin Hart

Today certainly has been a day for Episode VII leaks, hasn't it? Earlier we got our first looks at Greg Grunberg's character and two returning classic characters. Now Making Star Wars has revealed two very intriguing images from The Force Awakens showing an assortment of actors on set and in character. Of course, these could be considered very spoiler-y, so use caution as you read further. This is your official SPOILER WARNING:


The first photo is an awesome shot of several people and things that we've seen before, but not like this.  Here we have Rey(Daisy Ridley), Finn(John Boyega) and Han Solo(Harrison Ford) in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. A lot of can be taken from the character's expressions here; Finn seems mesmerized by whatever he sees in front of the Falcon, and Rey & Han appear to be having an awkward moment together:

The next one is even more significant. It finally confirms, at least partially, what Domhnall Gleeson's role will be in the film and also gives us a new look at Captain Phamsa(Gwendoline Christie). Gleeson is seen on the bridge of a First Order Star Destroyer alongside Phasma looking over a hologram of Finn. Making Star Wars claims that Gleeson's character is named "The General." Perhaps he's giving Phasma her orders to track down our runaway Stormtrooper hero?

You may recall we revealed sketches of both the cockpit scene and the bridge scene a couple months back. It's great to finally get a clear look at the characters. Special thanks to Making Star Wars sharing!

I know many grow weary of all the leaks from The Force Awakens, and I understand wanting to remain as spoiler free as possible for this film. But I love photos like this, they give fascinating new glimpses into the film without giving anything big away. It certainly helps make the almost six month wait to December 18th a bit more tolerable.

Source: Making Star Wars

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