Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dave Filoni Discusses Sabine's New Look In Star Wars Rebels: Season Two

By: Benjamin Hart

Last week the hour long TV event Star Wars Rebels: The Siege Of Lothal was revealed, officially setting up what we will see when the season two of the series begins airing this Fall. A lot happened in the episode that deeply effected our heroes, both emotionally and physically. Through previews from future episodes we've learned that the Ghost's resident art loving Mandalorian Sabine Wren will be getting an updated look in the second season. If you saw The Siege Of Lothal(SPOILERS ahead if you haven't) you may recall that Sabine fired her blasters at Darth Vader as the crew tried to escape. Vader easily blocked her laser blasts back at her, scarring her helmet and armor.

Her encounter with Vader will ultimately inspire Sabine to change her look, trading in her purple & orange hairdo for a cool neon blue and repainting some pieces of armor, as well as adding some new gear to her wardrobe, most noticeably a new utility belt. Executive producer and series co-creator Dave Filoni recently went on record with MTV to discuss Sabine's new style choices:

“I don’t believe that people in general that dye their hair ever really stick for it that long,” Filoni told MTV News over the phone last week, noting all of his friends who sport unusual hair colors — including his wife — like to play around with different shades. “I think it’s part of their creative impulse and they’re always experimenting and saying, ’What about this?’… As an artist, Sabine would scribble on her armor and change the color of her armor. She would never really settle on this one thing and just be done with it. Most people I know who draw are constantly doodling and changing things.”

Additionally, Filoni explains all of the characters in the series will be effected by their experience with Vader, but some changes may not be so obvious. "Some of them go through more of an emotional change, where they act differently, behave differently," he adds.

Dave also talked about his relationship with the fan community and how his desire to make changes to characters ultimately effects cosplayers:

“The Clone Troopers used to get on me all the time, because I used to change up their armor, and I mean those poor guys spent a lot of time and a lot of money to make those things, to make them accurate,” Filoni said. “And then they don’t have the latest, newest [version]. You know, so I often think I’m doing everybody a favor and then I see them and they’re all, ’Why Dave, why?'”

Be sure to head over to MTV to read the entire interview there!

Source: MTV

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