Saturday, June 13, 2015

Adam Driver's Stunt Double Talks 'The Force Awakens'

By: Benjamin Hart

On this year's Star Wars day it was revealed that Adam Driver is the man behind the mask of Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens. But there's at least one other person that has donned the mask and fatigues of the villain, and that's Driver's stunt double, Gyula Tóth. The seasoned stunt performer hails from Hungary and has worked on many films and TV series, including Game Of Thrones and the recent Marvel blockbuster Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The good folks at Star Wars 7 News have pointed us to an interview with Index Tóth partook in, where he not only revealed that he's Adam Driver's double in Episode VII, but talked extensively about working on Star Wars, how he got the job, his experiences working with fellow cast members, and his use of the now infamous crossgaurd Lightsaber. You can read some highlights from a translated version of the interview below, courtesy of Star Wars 7 News:

Q: How were you selected for the main evil stunt double?

A: Last April, I was working on The Avengers 2, which was already a huge thing, because as a kid I loved comic books. One day I received a text message, that it would be a stunt casting for the new Star Wars. They were looking for high stuntmen, and could I come to London? At first I thought that this is a joke, and somebody was messing with me.

Then I looked into who owns the phone number and found out that it was a stunt-assistant, with whom I had previously worked together. I went out for a day of casting where I was first viewed by the stunt-coordinator, then the chief make-up artist and eventually the producers themselves, and in the end asked if I was free to film Star Wars 7? Of course, I said yes right away, and I did not mind at all that this meant I was left out of the remaining Avengers 2 action scenes.

Q: What do you tell about the crossbar red lightsaber that divides the extreme fans?

A: It was strange, especially in the very first days of April, when I had to show that I am capable of what movements. I have only got a wooden practice sword, but it’s also there was this characteristic crossbar.

I was just looking at it: What is THIS? I came for a Star Wars production, not a medieval movie or something. During the filming, however, when i could take the real one, it was damn good. And of course there is also the reason why SO (crossbar), but I can not say anything about it. The agreement I signed says if anything leaked, I get tens of millions of forints penalty. (36 000 USD)

Q: Have you met personally Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and the old main actors? Was there a common scene with them?

A: Let’s just say that I met each of them a staff party and they were very funny and kind. But young actors are nice too, direct and likeable, for example,Adam Driver came over and hugged me at the end of the last day of shooting. I do not feel that we are filming a huge-expectation-Star-Wars-7 which makes everybody tense. But it was typical of the whole shooting that everyone did his job professionally as in any other film. The result will speak for itself: it was not a coincidence that Kevin Smith wept with joy on the set, because I was there the same day and I saw exactly what he did.

Be sure to read the full translated version on!

Sources: Index, Star Wars 7 News

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