Friday, May 29, 2015

Rumor: Josh Trank's Anthology Film Would Have Been A 'Shadows Of The Empire' Sequel (UPDATED!)

By: Benjamin Hart

UPDATE: Furious Fanboys has uncovered evidence that appears to debunk this report.

Original Story:

Rumors and speculation surrounding the second Star Wars Anthology film have run rampant ever since Josh Trank departed the production under unknown circumstances. This week it seems Trank himself has been diligent to set the record straight himself. Trank(or at least someone who claimed to be him) went to 4Chan to comment on the rumors about 20th Century Fox's Fantastic Four reboot, which he directed, as well as his departure from Lucasfilm. Our friends at Furious Fanboys posted a transcript of his discussion on their site, but since then Fox has requested it be taken down. Thankfully Furious Fanboys was able to save the most interesting part of the conversation in summary form, where Trank shared his ideas for what his Star Wars film would have been about. You can check that out below:

  • Trank says there’s only one Star Wars for him, and that’s the Original Trilogy.
  • When the Original Trilogy ended, he enjoyed Shadows of the Empire.
  • His idea for the Star Wars: Anthology he would’ve directed is a sequel to Shadows of the Empire.
  • He imagined it as a cool bounty hunter heist movie where Xizor puts a bounty on Dash’s head, but he breaks out another Bounty Hunter to fight off IG-88 and deliver Xizor to the hutts.

This is very, very interesting. Of course this is completely hearsay right now, and we have no way of knowing if this really was Josh Trank on 4Chan. But being that Fox is now seeking to remove his words from the Internet adds credence to the validity of this rumor.

And I have to say, something based around Shadows Of The Empire sounds really awesome. Obviously the recent reorganization of canon would make Shadows Of The Empire  fall under "Legends", but we can assume that Disney and Lucasfilm were at least considering his ideas. Now, with Trank out of the picture, we're left to wonder if a sequel to Shadows Of The Empire will ever become a reality. Hopefully the Lucasfilm story group will keep this idea in mind going forward, because I'm sure many fans, including myself, would love to see an Anthology film like this.

Source: Furious Fanboys

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