Saturday, May 9, 2015

Report: Another 'The Force Awakens' Filming Location Revealed

By: Benjamin Hart

Even though filming for The Force Awakens has long been done, that hasn't stopped details about the various filming locations from continuing to turn up. This latest bit of info comes from the local British news site Cumbria Live. They are reporting that one of the scenes seen in the newest teaser trailer for Episode VII was filmed on a local lake in the UK. They claim that nearby Derwentwater lake is the site where a film crew visited to shoot footage for The Force Awakens which would be used for scenes in both trailers where Poe Dameron and his X-Wing wingmates can be seen flying over water on a still unknown planet. A local newspaper was the first to blow the film crew's cover when they spoke  to the manager of a hotel in the nearby town of Barrowdale who confirmed they had stayed there and had been using a Helicopter to film aerial shots of the area.

Cumbria Live also had this to say about the footage:

"The Cumbrian lake is being used to create a new alien landscape for the franchise which has also incorporated planets covered in forest, swamps and lava.... The footage of the X Wing fighters uses a mixture of CGI and practical effects to create the effect of the ships flying over the water’s surface."

They also mention their hopes that the trailers and the film will bring attention to Cumbria and will encourage tourism to the area. With Star Wars Celebration headed to London next year, many Star Wars fans may make the trek to the lake to see where the X-Wings flew in person.

Check out both trailers below to see the scenes discussed above:

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18th!

Source: Cumbria Live
Via: Star Wars 7 News

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