Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rumor: Han Will Shoot First in Digital Release of 'A New Hope' (UPDATED!)

By: Dominic Jones

UPDATE:  Andy from Rebels Report reached out to us on Twitter with an update on this story.  As expect, it is apparently it is not true.

Original Story:
When word got out that the six current Star Wars films would be released in Digital HD this Friday, we assumed that it would be the same versions that were released on Blu-ray.  That may not exactly be the case.  A new report from Badass Digest suggests there will be one significant change, or rather a significant return to how things used to be.  Apparently, when the film is released tomorrow Han Solo will once again shoot first in his confrontation with Greedo in the Cantina.

According to Badass Digest,
"If my sources are correct - and we'll know in about 24 hours - Han will now shoot first in this edition of Star Wars."

Now before anyone gets any ideas that this means the release of the films is the original theatrical cuts, it's probably not the case.  We've seen in the trailers for the digital releases that the CGI shots done for subsequent releases of the film.  That being said, there are lots of fans who will be happy to see this change reversed.  

If I'm being honest, I doubt that this will actually happen.  Disney and 20th Century Fox own the distribution rights for the films, but George Lucas maintains control over the original cut.  I have my doubts that he would want to reverse the change he made back in 1997.  

Then again, we'll find out tomorrow.

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