Monday, April 13, 2015

Opinion: Rebels Season One Top Ten Moments: #4: Kanan Reveal

By Ciaran Duggan & Dominic Jones,

Today we continue our countdown of the Top Ten moments from Season One of Star Wars Rebels, as chosen by SWU readers!  Today we look at the jaw-dropping moment from the series' premiere, 'Spark of Rebellion'.

There's a reason this shot was used in all the trailers.  The moment proved to be climax of the episode, but even the countless trailer couldn't fully prepare audiences for what this moment would mean.  Seeing this episode with an audience at Fan Expo Canada back in August 2014, it was clear that everyone in the theatre knew just how important this was, everyone knew exactly what this reveal meant.  And they responded in kind, with thunderous applause.  

The sequence is made all the more special when we see the reactions.  Everyone on screen (and off) takes notice of what's going on and responds with awe.  Wookiees and stormtroopers alike we shocked at what they saw, but knew exactly what it meant.  By igniting his lightsaber, Kanan gave all those around him new hope for the future.

The moment was executed brilliantly, with stellar performances from Freddie Prinze Jr, who conveyed to the audience how what he was about to do would change everything, and David Oyelowo, who gave Kallus the right amount of awe, fear, and conviction as he order the troopers to begin shooting.  The music in the scene, the pacing, and the animation were all executed with clear and concise purpose and made this sequence unforgettable.  Ultimately it was this moment, more than any other, that showed us the Star Wars Rebels crew knows what their doing,


This is it! The moment that Star Wars fans had awaited to see in a new Star Wars TV series which would transpire between the end of ROTS and the beginning of ANH...the return of the Jedi. 

Kanan's reveal represented a fist-pump moment for the fans, as he exhibited his true demeanor to the imperial storm troopers and Agent Kallus. Our reaction to Kanan's reveal worked in tandem and parallel with the responses of our characters in this sequence; one of wonder and shock. The shock of this scene did not arise from the reveal being unexpected (in fact this was one of the first clips released last year to advertise the show), but rather the shock materialized as a result of the way the scene was executed.

The scene was executed perfectly! The Kevin Kiner 'force theme' audio cues blended in magnificently with the visual reactions of our characters on screen. Ezra watched in awe, the Wookiees looked surprised and the storm troopers, along with Agent Kallus, appeared star-struck and perturbed. The reveal of a Jedi in the time of the Empire should produce reactions akin to this scene because the Jedi are seldom around in this era. Even as an audience, we know of only a few Jedi still alive in this contemporary canonized era. 

For me, this scene could go higher up on our list, however for SWU fans there are still three moments which eclipse this scene in terms of significance and dramatic effect. Notwithstanding this, Kanan's reveal will go down in the history books of Star Wars canon as a moment to remember. 

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