Monday, April 6, 2015

Opinion: Rebels Season One Top Ten Moments: #10: Zeb Steals a TIE Fighter (Fighter Flight)

By Ciaran Duggan and Dominic Jones

Following the release of our poll concerning the top ten moments of Star Wars: Rebels Season One, we have now composed a top ten list of your favourite chosen moments from this season.

We commence now with taking at look at #10 of this list.

One of the great things Rebels did in its first season was takes moments to endear the characters to the audience.  This was one of those moments for Zeb.  We had seen glimpses of Zeb's physicality in previous episodes, but in this moment we really see Zeb unleashed.  Not only is he strong, but he's agile and a quick thinker.  When faced with an impossible situation he uses his size to his advantage and prevails.  To top it all off, he's having fun the whole time.  Once he's in the TIE, he lets out a laugh of joy at having beat the Imps when they had all the advantages. 

The chase that follows through the streets and plains of Lothal with Zeb rescuing Ezra and them using the TIE as a diversion.

Zeb has steadily evolved into one of the most beloved characters that we have been introduced to on this show. This scene certainly epitomizes the reasons why fans have become so fond of Zeb. Zeb is a fighter and he likes to get stuck into the action, which is conveyed through the way he throws himself at the TIE Fighter and then using brute force grabs hold of the pilot and throws him out of the vessel.

The tone of the scene is very jovial and light-hearted, complimented well with the audio cues composed by Kevin Kiner which have been effectively applied to create a sense of adventure and conflict between the plucky Zeb and the unscrupulous and much maligned storm troopers.

Furthermore, the visual set-piece of one of our beloved Star Wars heroes commandeering a TIE fighter generates call-backs to our younger self. How many times would we play with our TIE fighter toy and then decide to take the imperial pilot out of the cockpit and replace them with Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Princess Leia or Han Solo? Dave Filoni emphasised this notion in the Rebels Recon for this episode and I whole-heartedly agree with him on that point.

Notwithstanding this, what I really love about this scene is the continuity aspect. The TIE, which Zeb and Ezra commandeer, plays an interesting role in future episodes. The TIE fighter exploit is referenced by Senator Travis in the episode 'Rise of the Old Masters; and in the climactic episode of this season, the TIE fighter returns in a big way. The vibrantly decorated TIE is used as a decoy to aid in the rescue of Kanan from the clutches of Tarkin and the Inquisitor. All in all, this moment definitely deserves its place on the Top Ten List.

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