Saturday, April 25, 2015

Daisy Ridley Talks 'The Force Awakens' With EW

By: Benjamin Hart

Over the course of The Force Awakens' production, we've heard from many members of the cast & crew, including Director J.J. Abrams, Oscar Isaac(Poe Dameron) and Mark Hamill(Luke Skywalker). But there's one actress in particular that has been remarkably silent over the past year, until now. Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the film, made her first major public appearance at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim last week alongside her co-stars Oscar Isaac and John Boyega, who plays Finn. Amidst the festivities Ridley took time out to sit down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about what will no doubt be the breakout role for the previously unknown actress.

First off, Ridley discussed her high school which, interestingly enough, can be seen in the ballet scene in Avengers: Age Of Ultron:

"I went to a school called Tring Park School for the Performing Arts. I went because initially I was very naughty, and my mom thought if I was busy, I’d be better. And I didn’t really do acting until later on in the school, with an amazing teacher. I left, went traveling, came back. And then it all kind of went from there."

She also confirmed where exactly she's from, especially in relation to her co-star John Boyega:

"London. And somebody did ask me if me and John got on because we’re from the same place. We’re not from the same place. [Laughs.] He’s from South London, I’m from West."

About her family:

"I’ve got sisters. I’m the youngest of actually five. We have been watching the movies again, and my middle sister is super excited. Last year when we were filming, everyone came round and we had dinner and watched Episode IV, A New Hope, which was super cool."

And on working with Original Trilogy actors:

"It was weird, in hindsight, going back to watching the film after having seen it, and then having worked with them, and then going to watch it again, it was a weird thing."

On her favorite filming location:

"Weirdly enough, probably Abu Dhabi, even though it was so hot, it was like you literally can’t imagine that heat. The feeling of stepping onto a real set for the first time, it genuinely was a baptism of fire. To see creatures walking around and speeders chilling in the sand, that was amazing, and because I was shooting there, it was like everything had built up to that moment. So a few days in, I was like, OK. I’m getting my groove now."

And on her experience at Celebration:

"I didn’t think of it like that until dinner last night when somebody mentioned how many people might be watching. [Laughs.] It was so cool to be part of a film that is loved so much, and then to be able to launch in that sphere with just fans and people who love what we’re doing and are so excited about what’s going to come in December, that was the best way to come out, as it were."

Be sure to head over to Entertainment Weekly and read the full interview where she reveals more about her family and her acting heritage, why an acting reel dissapeared from her web site, and what's she's doing in the wake of The Force Awakens.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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