Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Princess Leia (Ceremonial) Figure Pulled From The Black Series Waves 7 & 8

Image Via: Yak Face
By: Dominic Jones

More disappointing news coming out of Hasbro today.  Jedi Temple Archives are reporting that the Princess Leia (Ceremonial) action figure has been pulled from Waves 7 & 8 of The Black Series, the current main Star Wars line, in favor of a stormtrooper  (wave 7) and a clone trooper (wave 8).  No reason for the change has been given at this time.

This is the latest snubbing of female characters in the Hasbro line of Star Wars action figures.  There has been significant outcry over the way Sabine and Hera have been treated by the company (not announcing them with the other main -male- characters from Star Wars Rebels combined with the lack of distribution and difficulties finding the figures).  Plus, Hasbro has not been doing themselves any favors either when it comes to this issue, infamously they stated they believed they had released "plenty" of female characters from Rebels, when they had only released two (the aforementioned late-and-impossible-to-find Sabine and Hera).

It seems, despite much outcry from fans, Hasbro still can't get it right when it comes to the female characters.  It's up to fans to keep reminding them that we want our collections to be filled with all Star Wars characters, not just the male ones.

#WeWantLeia #WhereIsLeia

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