Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Poll: Vote for your Favorite Moment from Season One of Star Wars Rebels

By: Dominic Jones & Ciaran Duggan

With Season One of Star Wars Rebels all wrapped up and the global premiere of Season Two just around the corner at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, we want to hear from you on what you thought were some of the best moments from Season 1.  From the first crate stealing heist to the arrival of the Rebels and the reveal of Fulcrum, this was a season of many great characters new and old, many great laughs, and many heroics. 

What is your favorite moment from Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels?

Kanan Reveals himself to be a Jedi (Spark of Rebellion)
Obi-Wan's final message (Spark of Rebellion)
Kallus vs Zeb (Droids in Distress)
Zeb steals the TIE Fighter (Fighter Flight)
Luminara's fate & Kanan v Inquisitor first duel (Rise of the old Master)
Kyber Crystal destroyed (Breaking Ranks)
Hera and Sabine discuss Fulcrum and Sabine’s Past (Out of Darkness)
Kallus and The Inquisitor chase the Rebels across Lothal (Empire Day)
Ezra faces his fears and forgives Tseebo (Gathering Forces)
Ezra's Visions (Path of the Jedi)
Yoda communes with Ezra (Path of the Jedi)
Lando revealed (Idiot's Array)
Trayvis betrays the Rebels (Vision of Hope)
Tarkin executes Aresko and Grint (Call to Action)
Kanan sacrifice & Ezra’s message of hope (Call to Action)
Ezra reveals himself as a Jedi to Vizago (Rebel Resolve)
Kanan and Ezra vs The Inquisitor (Fire Across the Galaxy)
Rebel Reinforcements & Fulcrum/Ahsoka revealed (Fire Across the Galaxy)
Darth Vader arrives on Lothal (Fire Across the Galaxy)
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Vote Now!  Vote Now!  And let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite moment (and let us know why it stood out for you!)

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