Friday, March 13, 2015

Description of 'Rogue One' Concept Art from Disney Shareholders Meeting

Note: This image (above) is not concept art from Rogue One.
By: Dominic Jones

When Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that Rogue One would be the title of the 2016 Star Wars stand alone film and that Felicity Jones would starring in it he also had something extra special for the Disney Shareholders in attendance, a piece of exclusive concept art.  While the piece itself hasn't leaked online (yet), there have been a few descriptions of the piece from people in attendance. 

/Film did an excellent job of summarizing the various reports.  Here's what they uncovered,
  • The concept art was a gritty “dark/gray image”: “very dark and done in greens, so it evoked the idea that it was being done under the cloak of night.”
  • The art showed 4-5 armored, soldier-like persons on the ground, “with two to three ships in the background.”
  • Disney blogger/investor StitchKingdom says that the imagery “evoked concept art of a video game” and it “screamed Halo to me.”
“Dozens of figures in fatigues appeared to be storming something with a strange helicopterish vehicle (open on the sides) in the background, releasing more troops.”
  • Unfortunately neither of the sources we talked to knew enough about the Star Wars expanded universe to describe exactly who the characters may have been or what ships were pictured in the background.
  • There were tough-looking vehicles too.
  • The ships were fairly dark, and in the background.
  • They weren’t obviously X-Wing Fighters, which our sources would have recognized.
  • They “seemed a bit bigger than X-Wings”.
  • More like a transport ship of sorts” but probably not as big as the Tantive IV (the transport ship we see Darth Vader board at the beginning of A New Hope).
  • The characters were all “generic” looking “wearing the same dark outfit.” “I didn’t see anything that would distinguish them as individuals.”
  • When I asked LA Times reporter Daniel Miller if they looked more like Rebel Alliance fighters in orange jumpsuits or a band of bounty hunters, he replied: “Neither. They were masked but not whimsical looking like those bounty hunters (I realize whimsy & mercenaries don’t go together).”
This sounds very different from what I think a lot of people were picturing in their minds, a very Original Trilogy-esque scene with lots of pilots in Orange jump suits.  It sounds more like a group of ground soldiers.  It also sounds like they are trying to evoke a much "grittier" feeling than the Episode films.  Though, I can't say I love the idea of the films evoking a "video game" type look and am hoping that this is something that will be unique to the concept art and the film will look a little more like a Star Wars film.

That all being said, I hope we get to see this concept art at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim which is coming up and just over a month.  Hopefully, in addition to all the The Force Awakes stuff they have planned, they'll find some time to sneak in a few more Rogue One tidbits.

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