Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Star Tots and More Collecting Panels Announced for Celebration Anaheim

By: Dominic Jones

Star Wars Celebration is keeping the trend of Collecting announcements going after this past weekend's New York Toy Fair.  The official Celebration announced that Star Tots collectibles would be returning for another go around at Celebration (it began at Celebration VI and continued at Celebration Europe 2013).  They are collectibles handed out the collection panels.  You can see the images of the 20 Star Tots here.

Speaking of Collecting Panels, several more were announced.  Check them out below,

Ewok Collectibles Beyond Return of the Jedi
Presented by Amy Sjoberg and Jarrod Clark
Celebrate the love as we discuss domestic and international Ewok collectibles that were released after Return of the Jedi.  Surprisingly, while 1984-1990 had little to offer to Star Wars collectors in general, Ewok collectors had plenty of reasons to rejoice. With examples from Ice Capades, Disney parks, cartoons and Ewok movies, this merchandise might surprise you.

Collecting 501st, Rebel Legion, and Other Fan Club Collectibles
Presented by Ken Tarleton
Learn about collecting and trading fan club creations, including patches, coins, trading cards, pins, t-shirts and lots of other odd and fun club-related treasures. We will focus on the 501st and Rebel Legion with a mix of a few other clubs who create unique items for their members. Learn how to obtain these sought-after collectibles and how to join one of the clubs as well. We will show some of the lesser-known items and share some surprises, as well as recommend what you should be hunting for at Celebration Anaheim!

Vintage Star Wars Coins
Presented by Will Grief, Mark Salotti, James Gallo and Gus Lopez
Ever wonder how to make an ounce of aluminum worth is weight in gold? Put a Star Wars logo on it! Join Gus, Will, Mark and James as they review the basics of Star Wars coin collecting, discuss recent market trends and shed light on the inner workings of how the Power of the Force coins were developed and produced. This presentation will take a close look at the two mints involved in producing the coins, dispel some myths and misinformation, and share never-before-seen images of Star Wars coin rarities.

Wearable Fandom: Collecting Vintage Star Wars Clothing
Presented by Todd Chamberlain and Duncan Jenkins
Star Wars t-shirts were among the earliest promotional items and retail merchandise, and Star Wars clothing continues to be a primary way for fans to proclaim "The Force is strong in this one!" Todd and Duncan will cover a wide range of shirts, hats, belts, underwear, socks, shoes, and other clothing and accessories, focusing primarily on 70s and 80s items. See vintage advertising and family photos featuring vintage fandom in action! Tips on how to collect, display, and preserve.

Plastic Galaxy
Presented by Brian Stillman
Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys is a documentary about — you guessed it — Star Wars toys! Through interviews with former Kenner toy designers, experts, and collectors the film explores the history, cultural influence, and magic of our favorite collectibles. Don’t miss this special 40-minute excerpt of Plastic Galaxy, edited especially for Celebration Anaheim. Then join director Brian Stillman and collector Gus Lopez as they discuss the making of the documentary and offer exclusive behind-the-scenes insights.  

Star Wars Comic Art
Presented by David Mandel
This year marks the triumphant return of Star Wars to Marvel Comics. First published back in 1977 as a way to promote the film, Star Wars comics have been published almost continuously since, unitizing the skills of some of the best names in the comic industry to create a series of beloved tales. From Howard Chaykin to Al Williamson, from Travis Charest to Adam Hughes, every Star Wars comic starts with pen and ink on a piece of illustration board and these original drawings have become increasingly collectible. Come hear and learn all about collecting original Star Wars comic art with collector and Curb Your Enthusiasm writer/director David Mandel, with special guests.
Elite Character Focus Collecting
Presented by Bill McBride, Skye Paine and Bill Cable
Character focus collecting is a popular method by which enthusiasts assemble impressive runs of production and prototype action figures of a single character. We will discuss character focus collecting that reaches beyond the toys, delving into the realms of everything from cookware to original movie props. From the impressive to the eclectic, please join us as we share the sorts of items only an obsession will hunt.

Great Stories of Star Wars Collecting
Presented by Chris Fawcett, Mattias Rendahl and Tommy Garvey
Rocket Firing Boba Fetts, cases of vinyl-caped Jawas, fantastic eBay auctions, an abandoned Death Star, and collectibles owned by the Queen? Join Chris Fawcett, Mattias Rendahl, and Tommy Garvey as they tell some of the best and most interesting stories of the past 35 years of Star Wars collecting.

These will all take place on the Celebration Stage, and times will be confirmed at a later date.
Star Wars Celebration Anaheim takes place from April 16-19 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.  Get your tickets here.

57 Days to go!

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