Friday, February 13, 2015

Mark Hamill Talks Star Wars On Schmoes Know Podcast


By: Jake Damon

On Friday, the boys over at Schmoes Know got the epic chance to talk everything nerd with our very own Mark Hamill, gearing up for Kingsman: The Secret Service, in which he has a small role. Among other topics including his amazing history playing the voice of the Joker, we get some insight into what he felt about reprising his role as Luke Skywalker after all these years, and being under the direction of J.J. Abrams. Below are some questions and answers from the conversation he had, paraphrased and quoted from the Schmoes Know website. Here's what Mark had to say:

There were many rumors about Matthew Vaughn taking on Star Wars. Do you think he would fit into this universe?

Mark: "No question (Laughs) All people have to do is watch this film (KINGSMAN) He’s so much fun and very knowledgeable. He loves movies like we do. He’s open to ideas – he adds something to the mix. My time om that movie with him… Top to bottom – My god. This was paradise."

We want to know… where did you see Luke Skywalker taking shape as Luke Skywalker after Return of the Jedi?

Mark: "Well part of the answer to that question… Involves what I thought of the script for my final chapter which really surprised me. Because the way episode ( and possibly might give in to darker impulses. Maybe in the direction of betraying someone before realizing the error in his ways. I was completely wrong in that assumption."

The conversation turned to the new canon and what Dinsey, Lucasfilm and the “Keepers of the Holocron” are doing now. Mr. Hamill was very interested in what is “canon” now and what isn’t “canon” (nice to see a person with actual Star Wars pedigree be as confused as the fans).

Mr. Hamill brought up the variations of the universe and compared it to DC INFINITE EARTH (he’s a HUGE comic book fan!) even going so far as to bring up his character’s wife in Mara Jade! Because of all the iterations, he can’t believe he is still doing this as THE Luke Skywalker. For most of the books and spin-off’s – he learns about it “years later.”

Mr. Hamill then went on to add his opinion about JJ Abrams vs George Lucas and whether JJ is more of a “actors director.

Mark: "It’s interesting that this movie is the first of any of the titles helmed by the fan generation. Larry Kasdan is of course along for the ride (writer of EMPIRE and RETURN OF THE JEDI). George is more instinctive – the actor he chooses is so close to what he wants in his head."

On George Lucas directing:

Mark: “I would talk to George about say Luke and what he is feeling… Should I be jealous that this guy is hitting on the Princess?” George would say: “That’s interesting. We’ll talk about it later.” Which of course, we never would!”

How is JJ different?

Mark: "JJ is much more upbeat – he loves the process."

Did JJ ever tell you in directing to be “faster more intense?”

MARK: “(laughs) No, but someone has been doing their homework.”

When asked if he WOULDN'T have done another run as Luke Skywalker:

Mark: "I would say that… When I thought about it, my first thought: Don’t try and toy with this. I wouldn’t go back if it wasn’t right. Perspective gives you scope. But George always envisioned this going on a long time and the characters aging. I wouldn’t have done this though unless Harrison and Carrie were involved.”


So there you have it! Interesting stuff. Also cool to see Mark only willing to come back if he could be reunited with his old friends! Very touching. The full interview can be found above! Go check out Schmoes Know for more awesome content.

Source: Schmoes Know

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