Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cham & Hera Syndulla's Relationship Confirmed

By: Benjamin Hart

Ever since we were introduced to her early last year, Hera Syndulla has been one of the most intriguing characters to come out of Star Wars Rebels. Aside from being the fiery Twi'lek captain, pilot and "mother" of The Ghost, her last name has invoked a relationship with a previously established character in another animated series. Cham Syndulla appeared in two episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars as general of the Twi'lek freedom fighters and fought alongside Jedi such as Mace Windu. The introduction of Hera was met with a great deal of speculation from fans wondering how the two characters were related. It was at 2014's New York Comic con where we got a definite answer to the question. At the Star Wars Books panel, Del Rey's Shelly Shapiro claimed that Cham was Hera's uncle, which you can hear at 15:20 in the video below:

Since then fans have accepted that info as fact, but a new revelation has revealed that Shelly Shapiro was mistaken. In the Rebels Recon from the newest Star Wars Rebels episode "Rebel Resolve", Pablo Hidalgo, of the Lucasfilm story group, answered a fan question about this very subject, and Pablo confirmed that Cham is in fact the father of Hera, not her uncle. You can hear Pablo's answer at 4:45 in the video:

Unsurprisingly the official Star Wars social media accounts were bombarded with questions about the apparent change. Some speculated that their relationship had been mentioned in the recent novel A New Dawn, but Lucasfilm confirmed that that was not the case:

So there you have it! Cham and Hera are officially father & daughter. So what will this mean for future stories? As Shelly Shapiro mentioned in the panel video, Cham Syndulla will be making an appearance in the upcoming novel Lords Of The Sith. And with season two of Rebels coming up later this year, it will be interesting to see how Hera and Cham's relationship will be explored.

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