Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Story Behind the Celebration Poster, a Rebels Variant, and Badge Art Concepts

By: Dominic Jones

A few months ago the poster art for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was revealed, kicking off the wave of announcements that have followed.  Artist Craig Drake spoke with StarWars.com's Dan Brooks recently about the poster and the process of making it.  In addition concepts for several of the badges were revealed and a Star Wars Rebels variant of the Celebration poster.

Drake told StarWars.com,
“I essentially took the basic line art that I usually do, that’s very recognizable, and painted over it.  Before I even did that, I took a look at the [legendary movie- and Star Wars-poster artist] Drew Struzans of the world and how those color palettes feel. So, the basis for what I usually do is there, it’s just underneath a lot of color enhancement and free-hand painting, just to dial it up a bit, and I think it added a nice touch that made it feel more filmic.” It’s a method that allows Drake to employ his own style while still making something that’s familiar. Yet, upon closer inspection, it’s not THAT familiar — Han, the stormtrooper, Leia, and Vader all look and feel the part, but their poses can’t quite be placed in a specific movie scene. The expressions match the characters, but they’re kind of new, too. That unfamiliar familiarity, it turns out, is intentional."

StarWars.com also revealed concepts for the badge art that Drake had done for the VIP, Crew (x2), Saturday Adult, and Staff.  Check them out below,

There are 17 other badges still to be revealed, which I'm sure will be revealed in due course.  Personally, I quite like the badge art especially compared to the badge art from Celebrations VI and Europe.  It's reminiscent of the art from Celebration V, which I quite like.  I can't wait to the rest of the art.

And finally, StarWars.com also revealed the Star Wars Rebels variant of the Celebration poster that Drake did.  Check it out below,
You can also check out some alternate concepts for the main poster and read the entire interview with Craig Drake over at StarWars.com
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