Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Inspiration Behind Poe Dameron's Name Revealed?

By: Benjamin Hart

Throughout Star Wars history, the names of many characters have come from interesting sources, such as "reel 2, dialogue 2" being taken by from the production of American Graffiti and later  abbreviated to "R2-D2" for Star Wars. In some instances characters are named after cast and crew behind the scenes, and as for the upcoming Star Wars film The Force Awakens, that just be the case for one character. The team over at Star Wars 7 News did some investigating and found this interesting tweet from last month:

"Morgroove" just happens to be Morgan Dameron, J.J. Abrams' personal assistant who worked with him on Star Trek Into Darkness. Of course we know that Oscar Isaac's character in The Force Awakens is named Poe Dameron. It seems Abrams decided to name the X-Wing pilot after a his colleague. In addition, although they admit it's a stretch, Star Wars 7 News points to Darren M. Poe, digital effects supervisor on the first Star Trek film, as possibly being the inspiration for the character's first name.

Morgan Dameron

When it was announced, Poe Dameron was certainly one of the more intriguing names to be introduced. It's certainly fascinating to know the real world stories behind a name that will no doubt become just as memorable and iconic as Luke Skywalker & Han Solo.

Sources: Twitter, Star Wars 7 News

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