Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rumor: Who Owns BB-8, and Other 'The Force Awakens' Plot Details

By: Dominic Jones

The site Star Wars 7 News have gotten their hand on some interesting tidbits of information regarding the early portions of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  It deals mostly with the set up and how certain characters meet in the film.  Now, as per usual, there is a chance this could be false but if you are trying to avoid all The Force Awakens rumors then stop reading now!  This is your official SPOILER ALERT!  If you don't mind potential spoilers then read on,
According to Star Wars 7 News, BB-8's owner at the beginning of the film is not who most people think.  Based on the trailer (as well as many other rumors), a lot of us assumed BB-8 belonged to Rey (Daisy Ridley).  Not so, says Star Wars 7 News.  Apparently BB-8 is the property of Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) at the start of the film.  They also believe that Rey is not Ridley's character's real name but a "setup for a plot-twist" which is something fans have speculated for a while.

As for what Poe is up to at the star of the film Star Wars 7 News writes,
The source also told us that Poe is captured early in the film after he confronts someone called JK, which he speculated as being a “Jedi Killer.” Jedi Killer sounds intriguing. Could this be the long-rumored Sith Inquisitor? Could it be Kylo Ren? OR is it Gwendoline Christie’s alleged chrometrooper commander?

Sticking with Poe, they also describe how he meets Finn (John Boyega) and Rey,
In the opening of film Poe Dameron, with his droid BB-8, is on a cliff overlooking a town, a la Kenobi in A New Hope looking at Mos Eisley, watching a settlement being torched. Dameron sends BB-8 to town which is what we see in the trailer. Dameron confronts JK and a fight ensues; he is captured and hauled aboard an orbiting Star Destroyer.

Well, IF Poe is captured he seems to escape. That ‘s where Finn comes in: Finn is aboard the “House of Mirrors” (Star Destroyer code name?) Finn reveals himself to Poe, entering his cell reminiscent of when Luke appears in Leia’s cell, and they plan their escape. Since Finn cannot fly he needs Poe to fly the elite-type Tie Fighter, painted black and red, that crash-lands in the desert. The source believes that we see Finn emerging from the crashed Tie in the teaser trailer. They then meet up with Rey. The three team up and Finn loves the light saber she has and he confides in her his wishes to defect and Poe convinces her his is a good guy. Poe needs to get back to the Rebels so they get his X-wing out of the junkyard and he heads off.

Whatever planet they crash on, most likely Tatooine, is the same desert planet wherein we find Rey. The trio get together and Rey somehow acquires BB-8. The source adds that Poe heads back to join the Rebels and Finn and Kira head-off to find Han and Chewie and the fun ensues . . .

There is definitely some interesting stuff in there, and for the most part it seems believable.  

As always this is just a rumor until confirmed or denied by Lucasfilm or Disney

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