Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Report: Official 'The Force Awakens' Sketches By Robert Bailey Revealed

By: Benjamin Hart

UPDATE:  Total Geeks reached out to Robert Bailey, and Bailey confirmed to them that this art is NOT concept art from The Force Awakens.  Via Total Geeks,
These are definitely not concept drawings from the next Star Wars movie,” he explained. “They are based upon the Star Wars trailer, which as you know is in the public arena. I can fully understand how these rumours start, and that fans are very excited about the upcoming film. But Lucasfilm would not allow the release of concept frames at this time.

So, these are inspired by the trailer but not from the actual film.  The question now is, what are they for?  Comic book? Promotional art?  Or just for an awesome Facebook post?  Regardless, it is very cool artwork!

The good folks at Star Wars 7 News have noticed some very interesting artwork for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens! Now unlike most of the concept art we've seen leak over the past few years, these pieces come from an official source. Robert Bailey, who was originally an aviation artist until being discovered by George Lucas, is now an officially licensed artist for Star Wars, Disney and Marvel. Back in 2013 Bailey teased that he might end up working on one of the upcoming Star Wars films if Kathleen Kennedy "surprised" him with a phone call. Now it seems that's exactly what happened, because Bailey has recently posted a trio of concept sketches on his Facebook page which are clearly labeled as being for The Force Awakens. Check them out below:

The interesting thing about these pieces is that, while the third sketch is obviously based the X-Wing scene from The Force Awakens teaser trailer, the first two feature Original Trilogy era X-Wings with the standard folding wings instead of the scissoring design that we see in the trailer. So, does this mean we will see "antique" X-Wings being used in Episode VII, alongside their newer counterparts? Or is this simply an early imagining of the scenes by Bailey prior to the newer X-Wings were revealed? Time will tell, but there's no question that these were officially produced for Lucasfilm and almost definitely portray scenes that we'll be seeing on the big screen come December 18th.

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