Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Report: Marvel Considering Prequel Era Comics

By: Benjamin Hart

Star Wars made a triumphant return to it's original producer, Marvel, last week with the release of "Star Wars #1". Fans are continuing to anticipate new comics based around characters such as Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Kanan Jarrus coming within the next few months. But being that most of the new series are set within the Original Trilogy, many fans have questioned when we might be seeing comics set in and around the Prequel Trilogy. Marvel editor Jordan D. White recently took to his blog to answer a fan question about this very subject:

Anonymous asked: "Lifelong STAR WARS fan here - first issue was pretty good, have high hopes for Gillen's VADER. My question is whether or not you plan to stick close to the original trilogy for the foreseeable future? I realize some of this might be down to what Lucasfilm / Disney want spotlit in the build-up to the new films, but I hope we might see some projects in the prequel era at some point."

Jordan D. White: "So far, of the four projects we’ve announced, three of them are set during the original trilogy. The idea there is that we want to first establish a sort of core line for Star Wars—the way the X-Men line or Avengers line have a core of books that can interact with each other, and readers can read some or all of them. Things that happen in one book can echo through the other, so to speak.

But the fourth book, Kanan, is set between the trilogies for the most part—it starts with the story of how Kanan survived order 66.

I look very much forward to doing stories set in the prequel era—I have a couple of ideas for series I think would fit really well there. But we have nothing to announce just yet."

Marvel's actions so far are understandable, and Mr. White's reasoning is solid. Now that the all media, including comics, are canon going forward, they have the perfect opportunity to intertwine all stories like never before. Star Wars, Darth Vader and Princess Leia are set in the same time period, between Episodes IV and V, which sets the stage for crossovers between the three series. And being that they're in the Original Trilogy puts them relatively close the the Sequel Trilogy and could mean connections to those films as well(we've already seen an Episode VII alien in Star Wars #1). Given a few years, I think we will see many more series pop up in other eras, some maybe even in the Old Republic time period, thousands of year prior to The Phantom Menace.

Source: Perfectly Normal
Via: Jedi News

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