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In Case You Missed It: January 3rd - 10th, 2015

By: Benjamin Hart

Another week has passed which means it's time to wrap it all up with another edition of In case you missed it! With new Star Wars films on the horizon and the increasing amount of news and rumors lately, it's hard to keep up with what's going on in our favorite Galaxy far, far away. This feature is designed to help catch you up on all the Star Wars news of the past week. This time the cast & crew of The Force Awakens are back talking about their latest gig, the first spin-off films loses it's writer, more books and comics are on the way and more details about Celebration Anaheim emerge. Plus, is Detours coming back? When can we get our hands on some Episode VII action figures? And what does Qui-Gon think of the new "Broadsaber" Lightsaber? Read on to find the answers to those questions and more!


JJ Abrams Talks About the Experience of Shooting 'The Force Awakens'
The Director reflects on the filming and continued production of Episode VII.

Adam Driver Won't Tell His 'Girls' Cast Mates Anything About 'The Force Awakens'
Driver(who we're pretty sure is playing Kylo Ren) has his lips sealed when it comes to his role in Star Wars.

Domhnall Gleeson: 'The Force Awakens' was "The Most Secrecy I’ve Had to Work With"
We have no idea who he's playing, and that can be attributed to the extreme secrecy.

Liam Neeson Has "A Couple of Worries" About Kylo Ren's Lightsaber
Qui-Gon Jinn himself has a bad feeling about the new broadsaber.

Gary Whitta Leaves the 2016 Stand Alone Star Wars Film
The controversial screenwriter has bowed out after a year of working on the first spin-off movie.


Vanessa Marshall Says the 'Rebels' Season One Finale "Took my Breath Away"
The actress behind Hera Syndulla gives high praise to upcoming episodes of Rebels.


Marvel Announces Two New 'Star Wars Legends' Epic Collections
Dark Horse's fantastic contributions to the Star Wars Saga live on in these collections.

'Ultimate Star Wars' Guide Coming In May
Get the lowdown on everything canon when this new book hits shelves in a few months!


'The Force Awakens' Toys Will Not Be Distributed At Hasbro Brand Preview Day - Toy Fair NY 2015
Don't expect to see anything from Episode VII at this year's Toy Fair.


Discounted Disneyland Tickets for Star Wars Celebration Attendees Announced
If you're headed to Anaheim this April, you might want to consider stopping off at Disneyland.

Costume Contest Rules, Pin Trading Pre-Order Date Set for Celebration Anaheim
Cosplayers and pin collectors take note!

Episode III to Premiere in 3D at Celebration
Revenge Of The Sith turns ten this year and we now have a fantastic way to celebrate it!

Star Wars Celebration: Smuggler's Bounty
Kyle Newman & crew are back with the highly anticipated sequel to the popular audio drama Smuggler's Gambit!


A Three Year Old's Priceless Reaction To Star Wars
You gotta love this kid's reaction to the opening scenes of A New Hope.

New Feature on StarWars.Com: Social Scan
Lucasfilm is paying attention to your social media posts and sharing the best ones in a new segment on the official site.

Khan Bonfils: 1972 - 2015
Very sad news. The veteran actor portrayed Saesee Tiin in The Phantom Menace.


'Star Wars Detours' to Be Released in May
It's been shelved for over two years, and now the animated series may be on it's way back.

Three Actors From 'The Raid' Will Be In 'The Force Awakens'
A trio of highly skilled martial artists may have a part in Episode VII.

Hasbro's 'The Force Awakens' Product Line Leaked
Get a preview of everything Hasbro planned for the coming months.

Action Figure Sets To Be Released Along With Six Film Digital Release
The original films may be coming to Netflix & iTunes soon along with an extra surprise.

Rumor: Kylo Ren to Appear on all 'The Force Awakens' Packaging
Kylo Ren may become an icon of the new films, just like Darth Maul and Darth Vader before him.

Rumor: What is BB-8 Hiding?
Is there more to this Soccer Ball Droid than meets the eye?

Rumor: 'The Force Awakens' Tri-Fighter Concept Art Descriptions
An interesting concept for a possible new ship.

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