Saturday, December 6, 2014

'The Force Awakens' Teaser Is The Fastest Growing Trailer Ever With 100 Million Views

By: Benjamin Hart

Last week Star Wars successfully broke the internet with the incredible 88 second teaser trailer for Episode VII: The Force Awakens. On top of spawning hundreds of memes, reaction videos and parodies, the trailer appears to have broken some records and, as Lucasfilm has announced on Twitter, gained 100 million views worldwide:

Reports just a few days after the trailer was revealed claimed that the trailer has amassed 58.2 million views and put it on track to become the most viewed movie trailer ever. Now Entertainment Weekly has released a collection of stats about the trailer that are most impressive:

"The YouTube record was just broken by Jurassic World (55,193,779 views), which topped Avengers: Age of Ultron (50,668,165)—which also had to contend with a leaked bootleg. (All numbers are as of 7 a.m. PT [Friday].) But Star Wars dwarfed them both for the one-week crown, according to online traffic-tracking firm ZEFR."

On their site, ZEFR crowned The Force Awakens teaser "The Fastest Growing Trailer Ever" as it continues to gain views and attention. If you have yet to see the trailer yourself, check it out below! And if you've seen it already, watch it again!

Sources: Twitter, Entertainment Weekly,

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