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Rumor: Descriptions of Unfinished 'The Clone Wars' Episodes Leaked (Updated!)


Update: Pablo Hidalgo, of the Lucasfilm Story Group, has confirmed via social media that these descriptions are not legitimate:

Original story: We were all sad when word got out that the Emmy Award Winning Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be winding down before it had finished telling all the stories it planned to.  Some of those stories have been released (or soon will be) as story reels, comic books, and a novel, but many more remain untold.  Today, descriptions for some more of the unfinished episodes leaked out on 4chan.  A poster going by the name "Sheev" claimed to have in depth descriptions of two unfinished arcs.  Now keep in mind this is coming from an unverified source on a message board so there's a chance it could be false.  However, it does line up with some of the things that got out about these unfinished stories.  Also keep in mind there's a good chance these stories could still be released in another medium, so if you don't want to spoil yourself on those potential future releases then stop reading now!  This is you official SPOILER ALERT!
"Sheev" claims to have descriptions of two of the most sought after arcs, the "Bounty Hunters" arc and the "Invasion of Mandalore" arc.  A lot of this info does line up concept art from unfinished episodes released on earlier this year.  According to "Sheev" on 4Chan,
I have been sitting on this info since before the cancellation after a long period of thinking i have decided to finally share my knowledge.
I will share with you some of the info of the final episodes.
Bounty Hunter Arc
*The Arc would have featured a team up between Cad Bane, Boba Fett, Embo, Highsing, Bossk and a new young bounty hunter named Sari who's 1 year older than Boba is Embo serves as her mentor, while Cad Bane is Boba's mentor.
*The arcs main focus was the hunt for Anakin Skywalker, a bounty was set on his head by a Tusken Shaman. The shaman lives in a small village, he reveals that he, along with other the others of his village was on a spiritual journey at the time that Anakin slaughtered his tribe. They promise the bounty hunters a chest full of Krayt Pearls which is extremely valuable on the black market.
*The first episode would have revolved around them passing the tuskens test to prove their worth before they could take the bounty. They have to face a krayt dragon. They defeat it and recieve their bounty and sets of.
*It's later revealed that they aren't the only bounty hunters that the tuskens hired. The other group consists of Aurra Sing, Robino, Sugi (Who had a fallout with Embo between seasons) and Derrown.
*The second episode revolves around both groups attempts at assassinating Skywalker on Rhen Var.
*In the end Aurra's group sabotages Cad's group and Sari and Boba ends up arrested and are to be brought on a republic cruiser to Coruscant for trial.
*The Third episode revolves around Cad,Embo,Highsing and Bossk as they attempt to rescue Boba and Sari.
*The episode is full of references to the infiltration of the death star in Episode IV, Cad and Embo disguise theirselves as clone troopers and tries to escort Bossk to the detention area (Highsing waits in the ship for the getaway.
*They succeed in freeing Sari and Boba but their identities are revealed and it's non stop action from there.
*They escape, but the republic puts a bounty on their heads.
*The Fourth episodes is a massive confrontation. Aurra's group tries to collect the bounty and shoots down their ship. They crash land on Tatooine, and a massive shoot out begins. Embo sacrifices himself to save Sari from Aurra. Robino is offscreen disintegrated by Boba. Sugi has a change of heart and betrays Aurra. Derrown is killed by Bossk. Aurra is captured and they intend to deliver her to one of her many enemies.
*They get their payment for Aurra and splits off, with Sugi becoming Sari's new mentor. The episode ends as Boba visits Florrum and get Slave 1 back from Hondo

Invasion of Mandalore Arc
*This arc would have revolved around The Mandalorian Resistance and the Republic trying to liberate Mandalore and bring Maul to custody.

*The first episodes begins with Ahsoka with hiding out in a bar. But she is later forced to leave after some bounty hunters recognizes her from a CIS bounty holo (one of those Ventress was watching in Revenge). She confronts them and quickly dispatches of them. But more hunters are on her trail and she is forced to flee in her small ship. One of the hunters gets a big lucky shot on the ship and she is forced to land on the nearest moon for repairs. She lands on Concordia far away from the main city to avoid attention. She checks the area just to be sure. She is later ambushed by Bo-Katan and the nite owls. At first they hold her as their prisoner but then they are attacked by Maul's supper commandos. Ahsoka breaks free and decides to help them. Together they fend them off, she decides to help their cause and try to get help from the Republic.

*The second episode starts with the scene seen in the concept art with Ahsoka contacting the council on Coruscant. The council decides to help them so they can finally bring Maul to justice. But first they need the approval of the senate to launch a invasion, they decide to send Anakin to talk with the chancellor. The chancellor approves with the invasion, he uses his emergency powers to call for an invasion without the senates approval (He has alot more emergency powers now when compared to other season). The council sends Anakin, Obi-Wan,the 501st and the 212th battalion. Togheter with the Resistance they fight their way to the surface and take the docks.

*The third episode revolves around them trying to win more ground on Mandalore and free the inmates of the Mandalorian Correction Facility. Obi-Wan and Anakin launch a big attack as both an attempt to win more ground and as a distraction for Ahsoka and the Nite Owls to attack the Correction Facility. Anakin and Obi-Wan's attack succeeds, but as Ahsoka and Bo-katan is trying to free the inmates the super commandos appear in their gauntlet fighters to destroy any rebels even if it means killing all the inmates. They manage to escape but with alot of casualties. This move starts to turn the population against Almec, with more joining the Resistance.

*The fourth episode shows the Republic's attack on the Palace. It's a big offensive attack with both sides using all they got. If animated it would have been one of the shows biggest battles. Meanwhile Obi-Wan tries to sneak into the Palace to defeat Maul once and for all. The attack is a succees and the super commandos shatter. Obi-Wan enters the throne room to bind Almec tied up, he tries to question him where Maul is but Almec gets shot by a sniper before he can reveal Maul's location.
Obi-Wan decides that they must split the Republic forces so one group can follow Maul.
Obi-Wan leaves with the 212th and some nite owl trackers.

*The fifth and final episode of the arc revolves around the final confrontation with Maul.(Maul is wearing the robes seen in the concept art)

Obi-Wan tracks Maul's ship to Moraband, but when they arrive Maul has already abandoned and he has fled into the old ruins. They search the ruins but Maul makes the roof collapse, separating Obi-Wan from his forces. The sound brings out a creature from the old EU that was mentioned in the season 6 episode Destiny. It's a Terentatek. Above them Obi-Wan finally reaches the top of the spire like ruined castle, where Maul reveal that this was all a trap. His intention was to split their forces in half so his forces on Mandalore could crush the resisance. On Mandalore Gar Saxon leads the final assault.

The 212th kills Terentatek and Gar Saxon gets killed by Bo-Katan and the super commandos gets crushed. On the spire Obi-Wan and Maul has a epic battle, it ends with Obi-Wan slashing Maul but the slash doesn't kill him. Just like when Savage's arm got cut off the magicks leaks out of Maul's wound, his insanity starts to return and his appearance reverts back to how he was in Brothers. rather then get caught by the jedi maul throws himself of the long spire and into the abyss below. It's never stated if he survived this or not, it can be interpreted both ways but his character arc is finally full circle. Obi-Wan returns to Mandalore and informs the council that Maul's fate is uncertain, with the dark side clouding their vision and ability to feel Maul the council takes this as confirmation that he is dead. Bo-Katan becomes the new leader of Mandalore and decides to keep Mandalore's neutrality and Anakin tries to make Ahsoka come back but she refuses saying that neither side is the right one and that she will travel the galaxy and help others become neutral in this conflict.
The final scene is a big celebration similar to the end of TPM and ROTJ

I have to say, all of that sounds very plausible.  And I'm naturally suspicious of anything that comes from forums and/or 4chan!  They also sound like great episodes that I would have loved to have seen.  Hopefully they get released as comic books (c'mon Marvel!) or novels (c'mon Del Rey!) someday soon.  I also love that the ending to the Mandalore arc really makes it seem possible that Ahsoka could appear on Rebels.  Fingers crossed!

What do you think, legitimate info or Super Shadow reincarnated?  And if you believe it, how would you like to see these stories released, novels, comic, or something else?  Let us know in the comments below.

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