Friday, December 5, 2014

Joel Edgerton Weighs in on 'The Force Awaken' Trailer

By: Dominic Jones

Joel Edgerton, who played Owen Lars in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, spoke with GQ magazine about his new movie Exodus: Gods and Kings and of course Star Wars was brought.  Edgerton gave his thoughts on the new trailer and shared his speculation on who the actor wielding the cool new lightsaber.

GQ: Towards the beginning of your career, you were in the Star Wars prequels - what did you make of the trailer for The Force Awakens?

Joel Edgerton: I loved it! It's old school, I love the new lightsaber - the way those two little crossbars shot out, it's really cool stuff. It was such a short trailer, but it definitely got me going.

I'm a massive fan, and I was working with Adam Driver actually [on Midnight Special] just around the time that he got the gig, and I was like, "Tell me who you're going to play?" He said, "I can't tell you anything!" I'm pretty certain, and I don't know this for a fact, but just knowing how tall Adam is, and how he moves, and the fact that there was chatter on the internet that he was going to play the equivalent of a Darth Vader, it's got to be him with that red lightsaber. The way he's moving, when he walks through the forest. He definitely hasn't told me that, he's an air-tight ship. But I would lay $50 on that for sure.

I think the safe money is that it's Driver under the hood and it sounds like uncle Owen agrees!  Nice to hear from a fellow fan who actually got to be in the films.  Earlier this year, Edgerton expressed interest in reprising his role in future stand alone film.  Regardless of that happens, it sounds like Edgerton is just as excited as us about the future of Star Wars.

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