Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rumor: 'The Force Awakens' Set Reports

By: Dominic Jones

Our friends over at have heard from one of their sources who had a good look at some of the sets of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  They even got a picture!  Very intriguing.  As usual, there is a chance that this may not be true so if you're trying to avoid all The Force Awakens spoilers then stop reading now!  This is your official SPOILER ALERT!  If you're cool with spoiler, then keep reading.
First up the source got a picture of some very intriguing stairs.  Check it out below,
Now where are those stairs leading?  Also, interesting to not, the wall under the stairs looks an awful lot like the one JJ Abrams and R2-D2 were in front of during their appearance on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Moving on their source had a description of what might be a Sith lair,
One set I saw, another inside set, was the most interesting.  Plenty of security.  As they were opening a double door (think hanger doors) to remove some set pieces (which were huge) the dark green curtains (like theater curtains) were pulled sideways to reveal something pretty spectacular.  Looked like it could have been some sort of Sith set, but this could just be me filling gaps.  It was dark grey, industrial looking metal parts, linked to dark grey rock sections (almost like a cave) and a very obvious dark red tone adjacent to all the main parts.

They also had a look at the famous snow stage,
The first set I saw looked like a large snow stage and was absolutely huge.  It was all outside and looked like fake snow laid on top of sand, so it could well have been a sand stage beforehand, as some of the fake snow had either melted or just faded.

The source also saw a set with a huge green screen,
On the other side of the stage was a huge green screen, say 40m by 10m where presumably they filled the gaps with CGI.  The terrain, dare I say it, was Hoth like and had a few elevation changes. I was reliably informed that there were loads of Stormtroopers on there a few weeks earlier (including Bond cast dressed in Stormtrooper outfits) and plenty of Star Wars machines.

The source also saw what they believe is the interior of an Imperial ship,
Another stage I saw was inside one of Pinewood’s huge “warehouses” and definitely the interior of an imperial ship, perhaps even a hanger, and was very similar in design to the original films in its grey tones and those white upright light sections we’ve seen before in the original movies (all be it not lit).  The only difference being the height of the set which was quite high implying it could have been a hanger?
And finally, the source also described a set that involved "the biggest green screen in Europe,"
The other outside set was set way back from the largest blue screen in Europe (which was unbelievably big – Google it).  This was the hardest one to work out and security were like Nazi’s. The security looked like bouncers and were literally forcibly intimidating us to remove ourselves from the location.  The set, from what I could see, looked like either charred remains of something big  or a burnt mountain?  Lots of pyro going on, smoke etc.  Very mucky looking.  Pretty exciting.
This is some very interesting stuff!  I can't wait to see it on screen on December 18th, 2015!

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