Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rumor: 'The Force Awakens' Set Names, Nyong'o's Character Revealed


By Chris Seekell

Yesterday, Making Star Wars' Jason Ward published an article on his site revealing some set codenames he stumbled across from an environment titled "Pirate's Cove" that most likely is a fusion of the outdoor set from Greenham Common and indoor sets from Pinewood. Here are the codenames below according to Making Star Wars.

  • Sun Terrace
  • Rose’s Room
  • Walk-in freezer
  • Map Room
  • Passageway
  • “Dusty” Back Room
  • Pier (overlooks the ocean)
  • The Cliff Face

Ward also went on to describe some of these sets. One that particularly interested us was the one codenamed "Rose's Room".

An interesting thing about “Roses’s Room” is the stage needs to be raised “for puppetry requirements.” We may even know the puppet that is to be used but we can’t be very sure yet. Who is “Rose?” We’ve heard the name attributed as another code name for “Snow Girl,” “Kira,” and “Fawn.” In a piece we will discuss later, there is a gypsy styled puppet and the name rose might be a playful codename for “Gypsie Rose Lee,” a 1950’s burlesque dancer. The character is not attractive like Gypsie Rose Lee so its simply a word association, if accurate. It could mean “Kira” or it could be someone else entirely.

The SWU reached out to our sources, and one was able to confirm that the character codenamed "Rose" is in fact a puppet, that also will be brought to life with motion capture from actress Lupita Nyong'o. This fits with information we received last month suggesting Nyong'o was brought on board for motion capture.

While a lot has come out concerning the roles Ridley, Boyega, Isaac, and Driver will play in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Nyong'o's character has been a bit of a mystery. But it looks like that is starting to unravel as we draw ever closer to the one year mark before the film's release.

Source: Making Star Wars

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