Sunday, November 2, 2014

In Case You Missed It: October 25th - November 1st

By: Benjamin Hart

Another week means another 7 days of Star Wars news and we're back with another edition of ICYMI! This week we've got more Episode VII leaks, Mark Hamill shaved, John Boyega turns down for Episode VII, Rebels, Shakespeare, Battlefront III, Superheroes and much more! Read on and get caught up...


Star Wars Episode VII Villain Concept Art Leaked
We got our hands on a photo of the villian, and boy does he look awesome! Oh, and check out that Lightsaber!

Episode VII Villain Art Leak Confirmed By Multiple Sources, Possibly Driver
If you had any doubts about our reporting, be sure to check this out and see who backed us up on it, along with some new information.

Report: One Sequence In Episode VII Will Be Shot In IMAX
Apparently one scene(most likely on Tatooine) will be filmed with IMAX cameras.

New Episode VII Starship to be Revealed in Upcoming Book
Next June we'll get our first official look at a new ship from Star Wars Episode VII.

Mark Hamill Spotted Clean Shaven Outside Pinewood Studios
The Luke Skywalker actor shocked the internet with a photo of himself beardless, signaling that he may be done filming for Episode VII.

Read A Note Given To Episode VII Cast & Crew On Their Last Day
Working on a Star Wars movie has it's perks. Some Episode VII crew members got a thank you note J.J. Abrams & colleagues on their final work day.

John Boyega Instagrams From the Episode VII Wrap Party
Filming ends and post production begins for the next Star Wars film... how awesome is that?


'Star Wars Rebels: Spark Of Rebellion' iTunes Version Updated With Vader Scene
Did you miss the epic Darth Vader scene in Rebels? Not to worry, you can download, or re-download Spark Of Rebellion and have the scene for yourself.

Dave Filoni Talks 'Rise of the Old Masters' With IGN, Drops Hints About Ahsoka
The Executive Producer had a great deal of interesting things to say about the last episode of Rebels.

Clip From Next Star Wars Rebels Episode 'Breaking Ranks' Revealed
Check out a cool clip next week's Rebels episode!


EA Confirms 2015 Release For Battlefront III
Put Star Wars: Battlefront on your Christmas list, because it's coming out "Holiday 2015".

Report: 'X-Wing' and 'Tie Fighter' to be Re-Released as Downloads
Nostalgia alert! These classic games are finally returning!

Death Troopers Coming To 'Star Wars: Commander'
Just in time for Halloween, get this undead upgrade for the popular mobile game.


'William Shakespeare's The Phantom Menace' Announced!
After completing the Original Trilogy, it looks like the Prequels will also be getting the Shakespeare treatment!

New 'Tarkin' Mini Excerpt
The infamous villain is returning in a new book, and here's another chance to get a taste of it.

Pop Culture

Star Wars References Spotted In Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D & The Flash
Marvel and DC referenced Star Wars in their respective television series'... in the same night!

SportsNation Star Wars Halloween Special Announced
ESPN is mixing Star Wars with sports in a special episode, what's not to love?


'Star Wars Geeks Unite' Takes Their First Step Into A Larger World
The mega Facebook community is jumping to Hyperspace and becoming a non-profit corporation!


Rebels Season One Plots, Clone Wars Vets Join Cast
Get the scoop on what might be coming up in season one, and who may be joining the cast!

Music for Episode VII Trailer to be Recorded on November 15th
John Williams looks to be back at work creating new Star Wars music.... holy poodoo.

More Info About Ridley & Boyega's Episode VII Roles
Read on for some further info about "Kira" and John Boyega in Episode VII.

Another Episode VII Concept Art Description
Read at your own risk; details about what could be the final scenes of the film have surfaced!

New Episode VII Droid Concept Art Description
These just might be the Droids you're looking for...

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