Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dee Bradley Baker Joins 'Star Wars Rebels' Cast

By: Benjamin Hart

Since 2008 Dee Bradley Baker become well know to Star Wars fans as the voice of every single Clone Trooper in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, as well as many other characters and creatures. Now we have confirmation that the veteran voice actor is making the jump into another era of Star Was in the upcoming episode of Star Wars Rebels titled "Empire Day". Baker is providing the voice for a key character. Read on for more details, but be warned: SPOILERS are ahead!


Dee Bradley Baker voices Ephraim Bridger, the father of Ezra. Ephraim's disembodied voice, along with Ezra's mother Mira(voiced by Kath Soucie), will speak to Ezra in at least one scene in the episode. The credits for "Empire day" confirmed their roles:

It's also worth mentioning that our friends at WolfPack Podcast have an interesting theory about Ephraim's true identity. They believe he is none other than Captain Rex from The Clone Wars:

"My theory is that Rex changed his name so that the Empire would never find him, and Ezra is at a age where Rex could totally be his father."

It's actually not that far fetched. Baker's voice for Ephraim is very close to his Clone Trooper voice, and as we saw in The Clone Wars episode "The Deserter", Clones have been know to go awol and start families of their own. The creators behind Rebels have made it clear that Stormtroopers in this time period are conscripts and not Clones. So what happened to all the Clones after the Clone War, especially the ever popular Captain Rex, who's story was left unresolved when The Clone Wars series ended? It would certainly be a great twist for Rebels, and would no doubt blow the minds of Clone Wars fans everywhere.

"Empire Day" is available to watch right now on Watch Disney XD if you are a Disney XD subscriber, and if not, you can catch it on Disney XD this Monday, November 27th, at 9pm ET/PT.

Sources: Watch Disney XD, The WolfPack Podcast

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