Saturday, October 11, 2014

'The Empire Strikes Back Uncut' Released

By: Benjamin Hart

Over the decades Star Wars has attracted an innumerable amount of infamous fan films, parodies and remakes. One such remake is Star Wars Uncut, which is quite possibly the most collaborative fan production ever. The process is simple; the original film is cut into 15 second clips and fans from all over the world are given the chance to claim a scene and recreate it any way they can imagine. The scenes range from live action interpretations performed by the fans themselves to crude stop motion sequences, wacky animations, and even Legos and Puppets. When mashed together seamlessly the clips create a brand new, and hilarious way to watch Star Wars. Star Wars Uncut was originally conceived by developer Casey Pugh back in 2009 to remake Episode IV: A New Hope in this fashion. Then in 2012 the process was restarted in hopes of giving Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back the same treatment. After receiving nearly 2,000 submissions, yesterday "Empire Uncut" was released on the official Star Wars YouTube channel with a special introduction from Lucasfilm's Mary Franklin. Be sure to watch the entire film below:

So, Return Of The Jedi next? And the Prequel Trilogy? Let's hope so!

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