Friday, October 24, 2014

#Cumberwatch: Benedict Cumberbatch Says he's Been on the Episode VII Set (UPDATED!)

By: Dominic Jones

UPDATE: The BBC has a released a clip from the episode featuring Benedict Cumberbatch answering fan questions, and naturally the Episode VII question was asked.  As we speculated, the "no comment" remark was given jokingly.  What was left out of the original story was the fact was he said "of course I'm not" after jokingly saying no comment about being in Episode VII.  But he did talk about what it was like to visit the set.  (And he does his Jar Jar impression).  Check out the video for yourself below,

Just when we thought was over (for real this time), #Cumberwatch makes its triumphant return!  Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on The Graham Norton Show this week and naturally Graham couldn't resist bringing up the topic of if the Sherlock star will be in Star Wars Episode VII.  Cumberbatch admitted to being on the set of the new movie saying, "I went to the set.  It was incredible.  I probably shouldn’t be saying these things."  He then added a "No Comment" about if he's actually in the film. 

Keep in mind, he could very well have been there just to visit the set, like Daniel Radcliffe did.  But his reluctance to deny being in the film does make you wonder if he filmed a secret cameo or if JJ Abrams was able to find a small part that was a good fit for him.  There were reports that Cumberwatch was going to have a major role in the film, but the role wound up going to Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie when the decision was made to gender-swap the part.  Also, it bears keeping in mind that we don't know all the details about what kind of tone there was on stage when the question was asked.  (The episode hasn't aired yet, but the folks over at got their hands on the quotes in advance of the episode).  Remember when Harrison Ford was on The Graham Norton show and word got out before the show aired that he told Graham he hadn't made up his mind about being in the film.  It turns out he gave that answer in response to a joke question from the host.  So, we should watch the episode before passing judgement on this.

The Graham Norton Show featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, as well as Miranda Hart, Timothy Spall and Maroon 5 airs tonight at 10:35pm in the UK on BBC One and tomorrow (Saturday) at 11:00am in the US on BBC America.

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