Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Marvel Editor Confirms Comic Series Set in 'Other Eras' Than the Original Trilogy are in the Works

By: Dominic Jones

When Marvel first announced their first three new Star Wars comic series since re-acquiring the Star Wars license, some fans (myself included) were disappointed by the fact that all the stories were set in the same era, specifically the Original Trilogy era.  (To be clear, I'm not against seeing more stories in the OT era, in fact I love that we are getting these stories, I just would like to see more eras, like the Prequel era, getting some love on the page).   Recently, Marvel Comics Editor Jordan D. White spoke with the Coffee With Kenobi podcast, and addressed the issue.

“As for other eras, yeah, that is one of the great parts about Star Wars, there are so many terrific points in their history we can explore,” White said.

“With these first series, we wanted to stick all in the same era in order to create the sort of inter-connected universe feel we get between Marvel books,” he said. “But I am certain we’re going to be turning to those other eras in future series. “Heck — I know for a fact we’re working on at least one of those … but we’re not ready to announce it just yet.”

It's great to hear that there's more in the works from Marvel.  There's no doubt in my mind that as Marvel continues to publish Star Wars comics they'll cover all eras, Originals, Prequels, Dark Times, Sequel Trilogy, Old Republic, etc.  It is just nice to see that this will be coming sooner rather than later.  As for when we'll find out about the new series, Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso is doing a panel at New York Comic Con on Sunday at 12:15pm in Room 1A06, which promises to shine the spotlight on the Star Wars line.  So hopefully, we'll get some news about both the already announced series and what else is coming down the pipe from Marvel then.

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