Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Kanan VS The Inquisitor In New 'Rebels' Clip


By: Benjamin Hart

Star Wars Rebels is just days away from it's official Television premiere, and it's already available to watch online for some. We've gotten tons of awesome previews in the lead up to the premiere, but today, courtesy of USA Today, we have been treated to a fantastic new clip from one of the upcoming episodes which features leading Jedi Kanan Jarrus(Freddie Prinze Jr.) in a fierce Lightsaber duel with the Inquisitor(Jason Isaacs). You can check it out below!

I should mention that there are SPOILERS included in the clip.

USA Today also caught up with Rebels Executive producer Dave Filoni and several of the actors behind the scenes. Filoni says the Inqusitor is an "evil version of Sherlock Holmes." Jason Isaacs adds, "Everybody he encounters is so far beneath his skill level that it doesn't tax him... I wanted him to enjoy the chase and enjoy the hunt. He's not in a panic, nothing's about to blow up. He can take on any number of adversaries and still have time to read the newspaper and get his nails done."

And when it comes to the Inquisitor's allies, specifically ISB(Imperial Security Bureau) Agent Kallus, he's not exactly a joy to work with. Filoni continues, "Kallus isn't pleased this guy is around... He'd rather work without him, but it's procedure. He has to call him and say, 'Hey, I might have a Jedi problem out here. You better come look at this.' " David Oyelowo, who voices Kallus, added, "He's muscle on the ground.... but you can just tell, with every line, with every action he makes, he has his sights set higher."

And finally, Dave Filoni expressed his interest in bringing back James Earl Jones to voice a classic baddie. "We have a nice history of honoring the great legacy characters,... It would be a shame never to have Darth Vader in the show, I'll say that much."

It's also worth noting this one line from USA Today:

"As part of a new generation of Star Wars projects, Rebels will tie in with future stories including next year's Episode VII movie."

We've heard all the rumors about the Inqusitors in Episode VII and how it might connect to Rebels. Is this further confirmation of that speculation? That's for you to decide for now. Be sure to check out the full article on USA Today's site.

Be sure to tune into the Star Wars Rebels premiere, Spark Of Rebellion, on the Disney Channel this Friday, October 3rd and Disney XD on October 13th.

Source: USA Today

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