Monday, September 15, 2014

Is This Adam Driver & Gwendoline Christie On The Set Of Episode VII?

By: Benjamin Hart

Possible SPOILERS below!

Over the past week we have seen a ton of photos from Greenham Comon, where Star Wars Episode VII has been shooting. First it was just the Millennium Falcon and a few X-Wings, now it appears at least two of the film's main cast may have been spotted on set. Episode VII leaker Rick Lawrence photos posted on his Facebook page(that appear to have since been deleted) that show show several extras on set, two of which bear a striking resemblance to Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie. This comes after Lawrence already shared photos and videos of the set, and one of the videos featured what was believed Tommy Gormley, J.J. Abrams' assistant director on Super 8(2011), calling out John Boyega's name on set. These first few photos show what many believe to be Adam Driver dressed in an orange and white Pilot's uniform and carrying a helmet. Further on you'll see a blonde figure walking and conversing with other actors. Speculation points to that being Gwendoline Chrisite.

So what do you think? Could it be Driver and Christie? What could this mean for their characters? We've heard a lot of rumors that pointed to both playing villains in Episode VII, This could turn those reports on their heads. Let us know what your thoughts in the comment section below.

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