Thursday, September 4, 2014


by: Darth Daddy

As a child DarthStreams aka DS Customs was always a fan of the Star Wars movies. He had a lot of the Power of the Force 2 toys and micro machine sets. During adolescence, he lost interest in collecting figures, but he held onto his childhood toys. 

DarthStreams was big into video games and after playing the two KOTOR installments, his interest in the Expanded Universe peaked. He started reading all the graphic novels he could get his hands on. He found the stories incredibly imaginative, enjoyed the variety of characters, and appreciated the artistry that accompanied the graphic novels. 

He later bought Hasbro's Nihilus, Revan, and Malak but felt like he was missing someone...Darth Sion. DarthStreams wanted a Darth Sion pretty bad so he bought a custom version of him off eBay. When he got it, he thought that it was cool, but it was falling apart and he felt he could make it better, so he did. He also wanted a Lucien Draay from the KOTOR novels, so he made him too. That was the first custom he truly created, it was just a repaint of a 5 POA dc prototype. 

Back in 2010, once he found out about the hobby he started following the Customs for the Kid and Jackoftradze blogs. Seeing all the other folks work and filling holes in his collection pretty much lead him into his customizing days, starting with KOTOR and then going into other Expanded Universe novels. 

He started with head swaps, kitbashing, and basic repaints, then figured out how to make the cards w/detachable blisters. The process of making cards was a long trial and error process, but once he was happy with the process, he was able to design and make them fairly quickly.   His card making tutorial is priceless for those of you interested in making your own card backs.

DarthStreams posted on for a few years and created his own blogspot, but never felt the sense of community, until he started posting at the Imperial Shipyards. By interacting with the community members of ISY, he was able to expand his skills in dry brushing, paint washes, molding/casting, and sculpting. The main reason DarthStreams loves the art of customizing is having a creative outlet, that progresses his artistic skills, while watching others progress in their skills with all the cool stuff they come up with!  

I got to meet DarthStreams when he visited the Customs for the Kid table at Star Wars Spectacular in New JerseyDarthStreams is a really creative customizer that has made some characters from the Expanded Universe that we will probably never see made now that Disney owns the franchise.  Keep an eye on his posts if you have a character you've always loved but you've never seen made.

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