Thursday, September 11, 2014


By: Darth Daddy

 Kaminoan Jedi 

Doug Arruda is a long-time action figure collecter/customizer. He's been customizing for about ten years. Although he primarily works on Star Wars figures, he sometimes works from Marvel, GI Joe, TMNT, and other action figure lines. Doug runs a Facebook page showcasing his work called "Custom Action Figures RI."
I am blown away by the sheer volume of work this customizer has on display.  Definitely one of the hardest working customizers you'll come across.  A large body of his work falls within the Star Wars Legends/Expanded Universe.

I found Doug's work on Star Wars Customs.  It's a Facebook Public Group where artists post their action figure art.  I've been posting there myself for a while now.  Not all the prolific customizers can be found in the forums.  With the incredible amount of platforms available to us these days for displaying one's art, I'm starting to find that Star Wars customizers can be found just about anywhere.

I'm very fond of this customizer's soft goods work.  I wish I had his talent as a tailor.  To get such fantastic results in the 3 3/4" scale is very impressive.  Few come close.  I just love the way the fabric falls on his Kaminoan Jedi.

Definitely give his Facebook Page a look and you can see so much more of what this artist has done.

Sith Lord Darth Plagueis

 T'ra Saa

 Sharad Hett


Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth

 Corran Horn

 Darth Caedus

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