Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Peter Mayhew Talks Episode VII

By: Benjamin Hart

Peter Mayhew, the mighty Chewbacca himself, is currently on break from filming Star Wars Episode VII and recently made an appearance at Wizard World San Antonio Comic Con in his home state of Texas. According to Blastr, Peter discussed newest job at length:

"Obviously, this isn’t Mayhew’s first space rodeo, and he didn’t leak any major details. But after joking that he was working on a little project that he thinks some people might show up to watch, he said the J.J. Abrams-directed Episode VII “will be the best Star Wars film I will have seen.” Mayhew added the film will utilize no, or very little, computer generated effects and will instead be very practical."

Peter added that the day the infamous cast photo was taken was first time time he had seen Harrison Ford in a long time, who is said to have "throttled" Peter with a hug. He also said that "all those facts are wrong" in regards to Harrison's ankle injury. If you want to watch the full panel, you can do so here.

Also in attendance at the convention was our very own David Gremillion. The Get Your Geek On host caught up with Peter at his autograph booth. He said that J.J. Abrams is a "great guy" who "knows everyone wants a good, solid story". And about his health, Peter added "I'm able to walk mostly without the aid of a cane or crutch. Of course, I can walk from here to the hotel, but that's about enough I guess."

But the most interesting part of the chat was when David asked Peter for details on Episode VII:

"Peter Mayhew sat back, thought for a moment, and put one of those huge hands to his head. And he flipped me the bird. Yep, Chewbacca showed me the third digit on his left hand and grinned. "And that one has Mouse ears on it." He didn't mean in it in an offensive way, he didn't do it because he was angry, he did it because he knew what I knew. No way he talks about Episode VII. Why? Because he's excited for it. "JJ gets it." --Peter Mayhew"

Sources: Blastr, Get Your Greek On

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