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Opinion: Dave's Top Five: "Rebels"


Top Five Things I Want in Rebels

By: David Gremillion
Show host for "Get Your Geek On"

Star Wars Rebels is roughly two months away from airing on Disney XD. This is the first show for Star Wars fans in the “Disney Era” and the reviews have been (mostly) positive.

With the show coming to a home near you, I thought it best to lay out what I want to see in the show. I already know there will be explosions, space battles, and lightsaber duels. But what I want to see goes far deeper than a saber around.

5. The “Dark Times”. Palpatine is un-opposed; using the galaxy as his dark playground. Obi-Wan described this period as the dark times. What is life like during this point of Star Wars history? How does it mirror points in our own, darker, history? For everyone whining (like a four year old) that Rebels will be for babies because Disney is dishing out the paychecks, I want to see some darkness. But there’s hope on the horizon  just by listening to the words of the creators themselves.

You’re seeing the impact of the Empire, of stormtroopers around the galaxy, abusing and oppressing people. Thematically and politically, it goes to some dark places.” –Simon Kinberg

We wanted somebody terrifying, a nightmare character for a kid…” –Simon Kinberg about the Inquisitor.

4. The fade of mysticism. I always found it odd how Vader can use the Force, Palpatine can use the Force, the “Emperor’s Hands” can use the Force, yet the Force is denounced as a hokey religion. If the Force existed in our reality and Lucas could move objects with his mind, Spielberg could use a lightsaber really well, and Michael Bay could make good movies, then who am I to laugh it off? So in a civilization that has personally witnessed the Jedi and Sith for TENS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS, how is it possible to dismiss them so easily, and yet be led by them?

3. Ghost. Star Wars fans cling to their ships like a Hutt to a buffet. I GUARANTEE that if a fifteen second teaser is released and the ONLY image we see is the Millennium Falcon soaring toward us, fans will go ballistic. The Falcon is iconic. It has its own technical manual, its own novel, and has a three dimensional owner’s guide. What generated so much discussion a few months ago? How an X-Wing fighter “looked” in a JJ Abrams video. With the fanbase falling head over heels for various ships, I can’t wait to see how Filoni and Company will work the Ghost into our hearts.

2. Kanan. By far, he has to be the most conflicted and complicated character. Where was he during Order 66? Who trained him? Does he feel shame about his heritage? Does he want revenge? There are more questions swirling around this character than any other in the show. His past is a mystery, his future is unknown, and how he interacts with the crew is yet to be seen. Is this our “Captain Mal”, who is haunted by the fight he lost? What makes him want to train Ezra after all he has been through? His character has the potential to be explored over the course of several seasons with twists and turns on every episode.

1. The Empire. With Episodes IV, V, and VI focusing strictly on the rebellion, we never got to see things from the Empire’s perspective. Give credit to the Phineas and Ferb episode for showing us life in the Empire. True, it was with tongue firmly implanted in the cheek, but it is something I want to see expanded upon. Do they see themselves as the heroes? How do they justify oppressing the populace?

True, we will see space battles and “epic” lightsaber duels with plenty of flips and kicks, but a good lightsaber duel does not make a memorable show. We don’t watch “Batman: The Animated Series” solely because of the fistfights. We don’t watch The Last Airbender solely for the bending duels. We watch them because of the characters, the stories, and the emotional ties we have to the show.

Bring it, Filoni. We anxiously await our next trip to a galaxy far, far away.

This article is an opinion piece and represents the views of the writer, and not the entire Star Wars Underworld organization.

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